April 3, 2007


Prinz Marcus Eberhard Edward von Anhalt , Herzog zu Sachsen und Westfalen , Graf von Askanien, Crass von Vull of It – Wut a von Annoyer!

Firstly, if you haven’t read the first installment to this story, you’ll want to for background. You will find it by going HERE. Briefly, As the world knows, Prince Frederic von Anhalt of Bel Air, CA, married to actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, is firmly claiming paternity to Anna Nicole Smith’s baby daughter, Dannielynn. Given such, Dannielynn has a brother; Prince Marcus von Anhalt, who was adopted by Prince Frederic and Zsa Zsa about a year ago.Whether or not Frederic is the father of Dannielynn could be indicated via results of a DNA comparison possibly revealed today. Of recall, Bonnie Stern, the sister of Howard K. Stern, who is listed as the father of Smith’s baby on her birth certificate, called von Anhalt’s assertions “nauseating.” She didn’t even know him,” Bonnie Stern said. Ronald Jason Palmieri, longtime attorney for Gabor and von Anhalt, said, “the odds of him ending up to be the parent of this child are remote to none.”

Prince Frederic himself was adopted in or around 1980, or so his story goes, however this adoption and simultaneous name change did not confer any title or nobility, though this is often assumed by various media outlets unfamiliar with the technicalities of the adoption and which, therefore, frequently refer to him incorrectly as a prince. Prinz von Anhalt is his surname, rather than a title, as per German laws regarding the country’s former nobility. In addition to long-standing conventions prohibiting the transfer of German titles to adopted individuals — except for individuals who are blood relations adopted by another relative — and note, I have found no one in the Anhalt family who includes Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt as a member. I have written exhaustively on this subject, and the matter stands as facts present themselves. Such would be applicable to Prinz Marcus.

Frederic’s adoptive mother Marie von Anhalt (for simplicity) was born in 1898 and died in 1983. She was firstly married on 11 March, 1916 to Prince Joachim Franz Humbert of Prussia – born 17 December, 1890, died 18 July, 1920 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Potsdam, Germany. Joachim was depressed over his failing marriage with Marie and his father’s (Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany) abdication from the throne. Joachim and Marie bore one child; a son on 15 December, 1916 ~ Prince Karl Franz Josef Wilhelm Frederich Eduard of Prussia (Franz) who died 22 January, 1975 in an automobile accident in Chile, SA. Marie and Karl are pictured below in a photo taken in 1917 in Berlin. (click to enlarge) Marie re-married im 1926 to Johannes-Michael Freiherr von Loen, and divorced in 1935.


Prinzessin Joachim von Preussen mit ihrem Söhnchen Prinz Karl Franz Joseph

With enough history, for now, the remainder of this page is occupied with various photos mostly of Frederic and his adopted son Marcus, taken in and around Los Angeles in 2006. (Click each to enlarge)


“Have Another Pennyroyal Tea”



~ Anemi



  1. LOL
    Less than two years ago he has been in prison in Germany for may years, for dealing drugs, hitting women and nearly every thing else.
    Now he will be a prince ?

    It’s a shame – but he is nothing more than a cheap crook.

    And by the way …. he owns nothing. The cars are owned by friends or leasing-companies – house has been rent …..

  2. Is this true that Julia Ritter said about Marcus von Anhalt has been in prison, etc..? Marcus doesn’t seemed to impressed me at all. He doesn’t look like a real prince at all. Can’t get over Prince Frederic von Anhalt chose him to be his adoptive son and become a prince. YUCK!!! Thought Prince Frederic von Anhalt is better than him. I feel sorry for Zsa Zsa what she have to go through and she should kick him to curb.

    Anemi Answers ~ Yes, Dear Girl, it is all true. But, don’t take my word. Here’s a copy of email from the Princess Corinna :-O

    From: CvonAnhalt@t-online.de
    Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006
    Subject: Re: question from journalist

    Dear Sir:

    In our homepage http://www.anhalt-askanien.de you can find all the details about the real family members. There are a lot of ‘Princes von Anhalt’ in America, none of them is related to the family.

    Best regards
    Corinna Prinzessin von Anhalt

  3. Can anyone explain to me who was Princess Marie Auguste of Anhalt? Where I can find some information about her? Thanks.
    Anemi sez: She was last sighted here https://anemicroyalty.wordpress.com/zwischen-den-blattern/

  4. Just one more and then I will go. Who is Corinna Prinzessin von Anhalt? Is she related to Princess Marie Auguste of Anhalt and Prince Frederic von Anhalt? Does she lived in Germany? Thanks.
    Anemi seZ: She will be zwischen den blättern soon. Look there for stuff. Thank you very much 🙂

  5. Here’s the link (it’s at the top of Anemi’s page). Bro is in Austria, but is checking in. Thank you!

  6. Isn’t it amazing! You only need to flash a little cash and the sluts can’t get around you fast enough!!! People crawl out of the woodwork and slither out of their ratholes to get to you when you have money. This is why they say; “Money is the root of all evil!” Well, it is! However, when you come from “old” money, as we had done, or from “new” money and one simply keeps low key about it, or does “good” with it, every now and then, or treats it normally, without all the hooplah or ballyhoo, then it is a comfort and such a blessing to have. No worries thereafter.

    But, these people here, are huge jokers! Von Anhalt indeed! They should be stripped of that name! The real personage of whom it was obtained would never have allowed him near her, had Her Highness only have known. It saddens me to see such a great name dragged through the mud in this manner! Shame on all involved! A pox upon them all!

  7. He owned more than you believe my lovely Julia. Go to his homepage princegermany.com and you get another view of him 😉

  8. Corinna Prinzessin von Anhalt (born 19 August 1961) is the wife of Prince Eduard of Anhalt, the current Duke of Anahalt.

    Allan Raymond

  9. I see in the write up that Prince Karl Franz etc of Prussia (Franz) died 22 January, 1975 in an automobile accident in Chile. There is no mention of an automobile accident in other sources which I use from time to time> is there a primary source which I could be referred to regarding the accident?


    Allan Raymond

  10. This guy “Prince” Marco is weird. Frederic look better than this guy.

  11. mach so weiter!

  12. Hallo PRINCE MARCUS von ANHALT !! schau mal : ich bin mein leben lang immer arbeiten gegangen, doch diese arbeit hat mich körperlich kaput gemacht, so das ich nie wieder arbeiten kann. ich habe eine tochter “” sie nenne ich immer meine Sonne ( die noch bei der mutter wohnt, aber nicht mehr lange hoffe ich “” und es bricht mir manches mal das herz, sie wünsche und ich als ihr vater kann ich leider nicht erfüllen da ich selbst har4 beziehen und es nicht kann !! sie bekommt von mir liebe die sie auch brauch !! PRINCE MARCUS von ANHALT ich wurde vom leben bestraft, in denn man mir den gesunden körper gegen einen körper der nichts mehr kann !!

    ich weiß das ist garnicht meine art, wenn sie nicht mehr was mache heute mit dem geld, dann denken sie vieleicht an mich Gruß Nico

  13. So ein dummer Arschprolet. Wenn der nicht einen auf reich macht wendet sich doch jede Frau angewidert von dem ab.

  14. libertà.complimenti per il tuo modo di essere te stesso ciao da davide

  15. Hallo, lieber Prinz Marcus von Anhalt!

    Ich kann dir nur gratulieren – alles was du anfasst wird zu Gold – auch wenn ich nicht auf der Sonnenseite des Lebens stehe, freue ich mich, dass es Menschen wie dich gibt, die so viel erreicht haben und die so einen Sinn für Ästhetik haben – du umgibst dich mit den schönsten Frauen, mit den schönsten Autos, Yachten – du hast Klasse und Stil. Dadurch, dass man manchmal ein bisschen von deinem Leben teilhaben kann und Einsicht nehmen kann, wie schön das Leben sein könnte, gewinnt auch mein Tag und wechselt vom finsteren grau in eine hellere, strahlendere Farbe. Gerne würde ich so leben wie du – darum schätze und genieße, dass dir das auf dieser Welt vergönnt ist. In Bewunderung schicke ich dir die allerliebsten Grüße, mögen Gesundheit, Glück, Erfolg und Zufriedenheit sowie viele genüssliche Augenblicke weiterhin deine ständigen Begleiter sein. Sissy, die dich…..

  16. Bei dem wendet sich doch generell jede Frau ab…
    Was der sich da anlacht hat unterstes Niveau, sonst könnten die dessen Gegenwart nicht einmal ertragen

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