April 10, 2007



The German Fashion Company Pompoos created two of the hottest fashion shows ever with the sharpest NYC Drag Queens on the floor alongside celebrity models, stars, and Prinz Frederic von Anhalt. Come meet the Genius which is Pompoos, and enjoy the show!

harald_gloeckler1.jpg dieter1.jpg


Harald Gloeckler “is” Fashion, Arts, Zeitgeist, Feeling and high class Entertainment. Born in a year of the Snake like Casanova, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi or a Dr. Dre, he`s got the same hypnotic talents to move the crowds with his seductive work and creations. Wisdom and greatest observation abilities enable him to be one of the new global artists, who can give Fashion a whole lot of new input. Trends are created down in the street and Harald Gloeckler is surely able to feel and see them long before others do and with the freedom of a true artist he is then able to turn them into exciting fashion. In terms of music he feels free enough to mix Marylin Manson with opera, which might be a symbol for no boundaries and giving his arts the chance to be a reflection of his own feelings to remain true.


Dieter Schroth is the President and commercial head of the Pompoos operations and he has achieved, what most PR Experts are dreaming of. A ripe and crisp product, strong enough to create major headlines. In fact it looks like a big thrill, what he is doing to compete with well established brands with their much stronger financial background. For sure high finance will spot the enormous potential of such a well designed operation to turn it into one of the top labels. Pompoos is a thrill, in particular for those, who get a chance to meet Dieter Schroth and Harald Gloeckler to experience a bit of their concept and plans.






  1. This is awful pictures of Prince von Anahlt. What does Zsa Zsa thinks of this? I bet she wouldn’t like it. So this is show that von Anhalt isn’t a really real prince.

  2. Harald Glööckler is the german poofter-queen, selling her tawdry clobbers in the tv shop.

  3. He said he doesn’t believed in gay marriage. He has never touch the gay magazine at the Starbuck’s coffee shop in W. Hollywood,CA. He has been answer question by the TMZ reporter at the “IVY’S” last week.

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