April 23, 2007


LyricsFreak seZ, ‘San-See-ya’ doin’ da’ Stones number now ~

(Suggested styles: Meade, Meme, Mebe)

‘Ta-ya-ime is on my side, ya-s it is.
Ta-ya-ime is on my side, ya-s it is.

Now you always sa-ya,
That you wanna be me.

But I’ll be-ya coming back (said I would baby)
You’ll come running back (You voted before)
You’ll come running back, to me-ya, yeah.’

~ heY!

Whilst ‘Waiting On The World,’ S’ya, you might wanna see a Blockbuster and check out a few vids:

The Fallen Idol
Can You Sing That Song?
Odd Man Out
Hangin’ with Hung
Bad Thing Gone Worse
Wiggly Giggly Singalong Songs
Any Which Way You Can
Simon Sez
Sing Yourself Silly
Only God Can Judge Me
I, the Worst of All
Ultimate Voice Coach: Learn To Sing Like A Star

Thanks, WOW!

Something to do, but, if you’re feeling up to a little Hula, do it HERE.



‘stONer, heY ~ anemi

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  1. Sanjaya is Love

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