April 24, 2007

Navy to study link between beached whales and washed up movie stars

April 23, 2007
Web posted at: 3:25 PM EDT (1925 GMT)

(CNN) — Important clues have surfaced that may help prove a suspected link between beached whales and gluttonous has beens from Hollywood and other nations around the world.

Scientists discovered the clues earlier yesterday, when one whale was found near dead on a Bahamas beach, near the home of an idiot from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, who should have known better than to buy the property in the first place as he claims to be in the real estate business. The second row stucco challenged home known locally as, “Horizons,” with a refrigerator door that will not close, has a history of use by vagrants and no demonstrated track record of income potential. Troubles stem from the foundation of the house situated on a line of faulty title. The owner, G. Ben Thompson could not speak for himself, and his popular son-in-law Ford Shelly was quoted earlier saying, “We left the electricity on.”


Val Kilmer eating up celluloid while filming the new waste of time, “Columbus Day.”



Whoa, Columbus. Must have swallowed the ‘Pinta.’ Better put that Man on Ice.

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