May 7, 2007


Hey Bro! I’m still travelin’ but wanted to ask you, cause I’m buzy with other junk to do. I checked into my MySpace space and all these doods who are running for president are in my castin’ nets, so I was curious what you thought about me co-crusin’ with them and giving them the real ADD? I jotted down a few of the glows I got, and let me know your peace. Oh yeah, I named this “SAID BS,” cause if you re-arrange all the first letters below, that’s what it spells! I know, lame jumble (MyBrainSpace), heY! Anyhow, thanks, C’ya soon,


~ anemi


IT: Tommy Thompson

ADD: tommythompson08

SEZ: Long time ago Governor of cheeze State

BUDS: 3,949

DOESN’T SUX: Roomy CribSpace, not many foxtails

SUX: Doesn’t want to meet anybody


IT: Sam Brownback

ADD: sambrownback

SEZ: Wants to be Prez.

BUDS: 6,178

DOESN’T SUX: Asks for help, wants to hook-up

SUX: Tunes don’t load. WHOIS Michael W. Smith, you know?


IT: Bill Richardson

ADD: richardsonforpresident

SEZ: Governor of the desert space, has had experiences unparalleled. Roswell? Chicken Fights? heY!

BUDS: 12,351

DOESN’T SUX: Dood does not have interests

SUX: Wants to meet himself. Way bunch of typing to visit space


IT: Mitt Romney

ADD: mittromney

SEZ: Governor of Ma

BUDS: 16,589

DOESN’T SUX: Elvis tune, “A Little Less (sic) Blab,” heY! Happening dish of UX

SUX: In way too many social nets. Top buds are family (duH, hope SO)


IT: Barack Obama

ADD: barackobama

SEZ: Grew up in somewhere in US Islands and Indonesia

BUDS: 51,760

DOESN’T SUX: Best experience UX Michelle and Bitty Baby Bambas; Malia & Sasha

SUX: wants me to join his Official Profile? I’ll keep mine, I guess


IT: Hillary Clinton

ADD: hillaryclinton

SEZ: Used to be middle-class, middle-American, doodette

BUDS: 57,511

DOESN’T SUX: Out of face video-roll, is a doodette

SUX: Story syntax made my head spin. Also, ‘member what I said about chin to hand pics? WHEREIS Bill & Chelz?


IT: Ron Paul

ADD: ronpaul2008

BUDS: 12,044

SEZ: Baby Doc. Brought us 4,000 new buds. heY!

DOESN’T SUX: Not shameless about making $$$ selling RP junk on Cafe. Opportunity to vote against a visit to my hood.

SUX: Very neg. and way too “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER,” “AGAINST, AGAINST,” (heY bro, wO wo, wut he fo?)


IT: Dennis Kucinich

ADD: denniskucinich

SEZ: Was a nomad, lived in 21 places, heY!

BUDS: 14,582

DOESN’T SUX: Was a vagabond, lived in two cars, heY!

SUX: Color challenged me. Yellow tie and red drop gives me pink eye


IT: John McCain

ADD: johnmccain

SEZ: Likes free bowls of chili like moi

BUDS: 29,426

DOESN’T SUX: One friend is a UFO in sky, heY wo go, ET!

SUX: CribSpace makes eyelids heavy


IT: Chris Dodd

ADD: senatordodd

SEZ: Into the Net, likes freebies. Only one here who was online, heY!

BUDS: 5,099

DOESN’T SUX: Companies he owns are Army, Peace Corp, Senate, DNC, and House of Rep. I know who to finger point now.

SUX: Interests are in himself on Flickr and FaceBook


IT: Rudy Guilliani

ADD: joinrudy2008

SEZ: I’m private. Ask me first

BUDS: Dunno, mebe, guess

DOESN’T SUX: Anemic Arrogance

SUX: Anemic Arrogance. Hasn’t checked in for a while


IT: Duncan Hunter

ADD: duncanhunter

SEZ: Built a fence decades ago to keep out dast. doods. Now 14 miles long. (I jogged that this AM, heY!)

BUDS: 4,055

DOESN’T SUX: Airborne and Ranger, stories, heY!

SUX: Doesn’t glow-in on why he likes boats. Arf, Baezkit grrrs fences


IT: John Edwards

ADD: johnedwards

SEZ: Go UNC Tar Heel Baby. WHOIS this nic?

BUDS: 33,108

DOESN’T SUX: Calls me Pals

SUX: MySpace is not a good space to displace peeps on MySpace. WHOIS Karl Rove anyhow? Did I meet?


IT: Joe Biden

ADD: bidenforpresident

SEZ: Next Democratic leader (Wo wo, I been gone too long, was there a coup, Juan in town?)

BUDS: 8,179

DOESN’T SUX: Current initiatives buttons, no long reading

SUX: Bonaparte hand pose


wo, wo, wo, where’d you go, now!

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