May 15, 2007



“Undressed Rehearsal” – Privately First Class Act Revue?


Dressed Rehearsal, Trooping of the Colours – Major Generals Review (they part in the middle to make room for Her Majesty)

“Trouping of Some Colourful Queens F-Troop!”

The ‘Scots Guards, form part of the Guards Division of the British Army, whose origins lie in the personal bodyguard of King Charles I of England and Scotland. It is the oldest regiment, custodian of the Colours and charge of “Trooping of the Flag,” or Queens Birthday Parade to be staged this June 16 in honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s eighty-first birthday, the actual date being this past April 21, 2007.

Scots Guards stripped off to put on an X-rated display donning their world-famous bearskins and tunics for the above colorful video. The boozing soldiers — whose main duty is guarding the Queen — shamelessly expose themselves to the camera and dance half naked while swigging from bottles of Buckfast and cider. The men, all thought to be from Glasgow, fondle each other dressed in nothing but their prestigious uniform and socks. The video, shot at their Chelsea barracks in London have one guard filming his three kinky colleagues.

Top brass has identified the four F-Company squaddies behind the raucous display, and some colleagues are furious demanding they be booted from the regiment for disgracing the uniform, among the most recognized in the world.

“We are supposed to be one of the most disciplined regiments in the entire Army but these guys have made us look like fools,” said one insider.

“We feel let down by them and they should be shown the door.”

The insider revealed how the four men had gone boozing together after their shift finished. Alcohol is banned from the Chelsea barracks, but the men managed to sneak in a few bottles.

The source added, “What will people think when they see male soldiers of the British Army spanking each other, and it gets even worse when you see one of them grabbing his colleague’s willy.”

“What will they think?”

Well, the Queen was just visiting the United States commemorating the 400th anniversary of the founding of the settlement of Jamestown in Virginia, so I imagine they will think something like, “When the cat’s away…”


The Chelsea barracks, scene of the scene, is in one of London’s most expensive residential areas, and its 12.8 acre site was sold by the Ministry of Defence for £900 million in April to a consortium led by Candy & Candy, the luxury property design firm run by brothers Nick and Christian Candy. The enclave, between Sloane Square and the river Thames, now has the unofficial title of Britain’s most expensive residential development and “dance-hall” site at £70.3m per acre.


“twist & shout” heY!


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