Spank The Monkey

May 21, 2007


Canadian Viagra Ads

The success of Pfizer’s Viagra over the past going on nine years is obvious, with 6o million satisfied men worldwide, making it the number one choice to “get wood.” Whether or not used, everybody knows exactly what results the “little blue pill” will produce. You would think a product so wildly adored should have no need to advertise, but Viagra indeed has stiff competition from other big Pharma, a questionable herbal substitute segment, and some dangerous exotics now hitting the streets from far off spots like Malay. Viagra has used some edgy marketing stuff in the past, but the new shorts directed by award winning Eric Lynne of Partizan and produced by the ad agency Taxi, are the best!

These ads have just recently been running in Canada, and the first time you hear them, you’ll swear either the audio is out of sync, or you need to get your bud Sven on the phone for a translation. In actuality, the “creatives” have developed their own language, Viagraese, for my lack of any other way to define. “Wubbleflaps,” “Tufty Noodle,” “Wombleminki?” Where’s Peter Sellars, “It’s not my minky!” The only word you’ll understand is Viagra, and since you know what it does, what they’re saying is irrelevant, and just flat funny. These are on the same level as the SNL spoof Dr. Porkheimer’s Boner Juice and will likely be airing in the United States soon. I hope so, we need some TV laughs.

Pfizer spokesmen will tell you the ads are merely reminders for those who suspect ED to consult their physicians, but there is a bit more going on here. Canada has some funny ad regulations regarding mixing product names with remedies, and Australia recently jumped all over makers of wrinkle reducers. (See Rich Man, Poor Man). The drug companies don’t need another poison pill like “Vioxx,” but, enjoy life while you can, and quit nibbling on the dog’s kibbles!

Remember Bob Dole?

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