Tales From the Condo

May 27, 2007


You’re more likely to be plagued by these apparitions than what follows. Those little brown grocery bag looking things are Mummy Aphids. Round up a bunch of ladybugs and let ’em have at it. Each ladybug will eat about 100 of these plant suckers (literally) a day. And in the WTF department, I don’t think even the best Realtor can help you here…

In Madrid the other day, there was a man making his first visit to a home he bought in a foreclosure auction found the former owner’s mummified body sitting on the living room couch, police said Tuesday.

Coroners estimate the woman’s remains had been there since 2001, when she stopped making payments on the residence in the coastal town of Roses in Spain’s northeast Catalonia region.

The body mummified instead of rotting partly because of the salty seaside air in Roses, a Catalan regional police official said, speaking on customary condition of anonymity.

The woman, in her mid-50s, was estranged from her children in Madrid, and no one had reported her missing. She was not identified by officials.

Police said her death also went undetected because her ground-level apartment is in an area of vacation homes with a high turnover of travelers.

Roses Mayor Carles Paramo told the newspaper El Mundo it was normal that no one missed the woman because in housing developments like this one “people are not minding other people’s business.”

But authorities were surprised that bank officials who sold the residence after the foreclosure never bothered to examine it, the police official said.

Buyer Jordi Giro acquired the home last week. He visited it Saturday because a fire in the same building had forced the evacuation of some residents and he wanted to check for damage.


Cryptic tales WTF, heY!

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