My Birthday

July 20, 2007

Hey you heY! I just thought I’d check in to say hey because I can and also because I know how, so heY! Oh yeah, and I wanted you who did not show up at my birthday to catch a glow of some of the pics and it really is no big deal that you didn’t come because there wasn’t enuff cake anyhow and there never is and it really doesn’t matter to me anyhow because it’s not my birthday anymore. Soooo, here goes, OK…

This is piktur #1


This is my bud George getting off the plane here in Cabo Verde making a bionic fuss like he always does acting like he’s real glad to see me, Meh, heY! Is kinda silly, but that’s OK, I think.

Here is Piktur #2


This is George again looking at the plane cause as soon as he got off it (the airplane) took off and I’m not sure where it (the airplane) was going but mebe they needed gas or forgot somebody. Whatever.

This is Piktur #3


OK, so like, you know this was a “No Presents” party because all of my parties are “No Presents” parties because I never get any anyhow so to be sure I would not be disappointed by receiving “No Presents,” I had this guy Lars here check to make sure there were “No Presents” present. (That rhymes, heY!) It was hot this/that day (MY BIRTHDAY) and Lars had everybody in like this Conga receiving line checking for “No Presents,” which there weren’t because Lars the presence checker did his good job. OK that’s all here and there.

Now this is Piktur #4


Um yeah, this is piktur four I think, oh well it doesn’t really matter, so this is George again, gawd-dang-dawg wut a camer ho, anyhow doing some wa-wa dancing with I’m not real sure who that (this) is on the right (your right) but he said he knew me and he did not bring a present so I guess mebe is cool. Anyhow, he didn’t eat any cake.

Here is Piktur #5


Erhum, lemme think. Oh yeah, we (I) had a clown there and wut wuz kinda funny is that his (the clown’s) name was George. Je Je, “George the Clown,” heY! Anyhow, my pallie there Camera-Boy-George did not much care for the clown George so we got rid of the clown, or somebody did I think.

Then here is Piktur #7


So anyways since the George the Clown thing was not exactly a sack of sugar in the shizzz and grins department, we (I) hired this lady who is teaching me Fung Suei and writing in Tanoshii and stuff and we practiced the Fung on the (my) birthday cake which must have worked out OK because we ran out of cake but I think I already told you that so fuhhhhgg it then.

Lastly (large YOL) finally, here is Piktur #6


So, anyhow, since this was a “No Presents” thing everybody was supposed to bring their dog but the dood (that is/was the airplane pilot) the who brought George I think got excited before they left and they forgot to bring Barney (that black dog up there, see him?) so they had to go back and get him with the airplane, and by the time they (Barney and the airplane and the pilot) re-arrived, Baezkid was cranky and snappy and well wouldn’t you know all heck broke loose so I think George (not the Clown, he was a goner then) got a bit snappy too, but he did get cake so heY!

Soooo, that is all I think and buh-bye and ciao, heY!

~ X anemi

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