July 27, 2007


Frederic von Asparagus for wit, heY!

“Come on gurlz, letz rob this guy, and see what he looks like naked!” All-righty-then! je je!

Is this even fuggggin possible? I do not believe I have ever, no no, I am certain I have never laughed so hard in my life, and surely it will again be a very long time coming! Where is my spleen? Let me see if I wuz told this right now. OK, OK, “Prinz Frederic von Anhalt, (you really should have vacated Belair long long ago when you had the chance and money), was assaulted by three gurlz (good job boiz, heY! I am sure you looked fabulous!) behind the Belair Country Club (why, you are not a member?), robbed of his  Piaget(?), stripped of his, ehrm, clothes and tied behind the wheel of  Zsa’s Corniche!” Now, gawdam, that is rich! Oh Uncle Freddy, you truly truly are a gem, my friend – a blip of one in a zillion! I mean, I thought I was good, but daaaaaaaamn! Oh oh, and you said you called everybody you knew before calling the police who took an hour to get to you! Absolutely fugging priceless! Who did you catch on the phone, and how are they? Pffffffft! Please stop! And, oh oh, an hour to get  to you – I’m truly sorry, but I just have this mental picture of the boys at the Wilshire Station saying; “I’m not going to get him, you do it! It’s not my turn!” Call if I missed anything – wait, don’t, I cannot take it!

Anyhowz, Doooood! Thanks for this, is truly great, and give Zsa a big kiss for me! Come vizit if you can get yourself untied, heY!

~ X anemi,

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