September 8, 2007

What’s up with this? This is Paris Hilton’s comeback? So much for penal reform…

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is seeking at least $100,000 in damages from greeting card maker Hallmark for using a photograph of her face superimposed onto a cartoon body and her trademarked catch phrase, “that’s hot.”The card, titled “Paris’s First Day as a Waitress” says, “Don’t touch that, it’s hot. What’s hot? That’s hot.”


Hilton trademarked the phrase “that’s hot” in 2004 while she was starring in the reality TV show “The Simple Life.” In one 2003 episode, she and celebrity friend Nicole Richie serve meals at a fast food restaurant.

Hilton accuses Hallmark of using her name, photograph and registered trademark for commercial purposes without her consent and seeks at least $100,000 in damages, but possibly more depending the total sales of the $2.49 greeting card, according to a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of Los Angeles Thursday.

Hallmark defended the cards, saying a number of its new humor greeting cards are parodies of popular celebrities and politicians.

“These cards take a satirical look at news and gossip surrounding these public figures, including Paris Hilton, and we do not believe Hallmark has violated any of Ms. Hilton’s rights,” said Hallmark spokeswoman Julie O’Dell in response to the suit.

“Hallmark’s theft of Ms. Hilton identity is contrary to established law and it should be held accountable for its actions.” said Brent H. Blakely, Hilton’s lawyer.

“[Hallmark’s] acts were willful, malicious and oppressive to the extent that the defendant acted in conscious disregard of the plaintiff’s rights,” according to Hilton’s complaint. Hallmark has “caused and continues to cause [Hilton] great and irreparable injury for which there is no adequate remedy at law.”

Absolute Snot!

Firstly, good luck selling the card. $2.49 for that? HA! It’s not even a particularly good card, I don’t think. Secondly, I heard about that trademark thing…more snot! I’ve done no research on that remarkable legal claim, nor do I intend to give Paris Hilton $2.49 every time I decide to say; “That’s Hot!’ Thirdly, on the subject of snot, here is a win-win greeting card that hopefully will appease everybody – that is, except and unless somebody wants to hit me with a trademark infringement suit for; “THAT’S SNOT!”



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