September 11, 2007


“Gah anemi, you are so random!” Yeah. Mebe. I hear that a bunch. So what’s the picture got to do with 911? Mebe nothing at all, and mebe just a little random irony. If you don’t know, the silohuette is the Walt Disney dog Pluto who I love as a cartoon figure as my favorite. You see I got a real “Pluto” in my dog Baezkid – just a big old oaf that you cannot help but love because he tries so hard, and to me, that’s all that really matters.

So anyhow, up until a year ago, the last planet in our little solar system, also named Pluto, got banished by a bunch of smart guys who, I guess have forgotten more stuff than I’ll ever learn. Pluto was discovered 77 years ago by one man who really tried hard and found the tiny thing some 3.6 billion miles away from his own back yard.

Kinda makes me wonder why we cannot find Osama bin Laden on our own planet, meaning he can’t be more than a mebe a thousand miles from anybody, if that.

Anyway, the planet was going to be named for the finder’s wife, but he died and she got greedy and fell from grace, and an 11 year old English school girl won a five pound prize for suggesting the name Pluto. Because the Romans were not satisfied with much of anything the Greeks did, the god Hades was renamed Pluto, and translates roughly; ruler of the “dark and cold world.”

So, mebe the scientists were right to get rid of the “dark and cold” Pluto regardless of how hard it’s discoverer tried and finally found the thing. Mebe it’s just his luck he did not live to see his accomplishment named for the wife he loved and what a horrible wretch of a person she became. I don’t know, and like everybody else, never will. But, for whatever reason, strange mebe, I miss Pluto. I, like God only knows how many school children grew up believing in Pluto, something we can imagine, but will never see.

To me, September 11, 2001 sometimes seems like 2 minutes ago, and sometimes 77 years. I do think about it a bunch, mebe too much, and mebe not enough, I don’t know. I think about all the people living prior to that day, and I somewhat selfishly think about one friend who perished in New York and another in Washington. As I stay in touch with their families, I cannot help but see how much their lives have changed, and mebe mine too, I don’t know.

There is one thing that bothers me greatly on this day, so much so, that I refuse to watch newscasts as invariably the inane mobid curiousity question always arises; “do you remember where you were?” Of course I do, and who cares, and, for me, the better of it is, where are you now, anemi, with the friends you have living, the ones that are trying so hard?

Forget anybody then, or now ever? I won’t.

~ X anemi

Come wander with me, she said,
Into regions yet untrod;
And read what is still unread
In the manuscripts of God.
– Longfellow

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