I’m Banned In China

September 20, 2007



It’s true, my MySpace URL is banned in China and I am starting to re-think my cologne! Or was it something I said? Hmm… Actually, it’s neither. It’s the Chinese Government Big Brother Internet Censorship Watchdogs scared of what I might say which might be picked up by buddies behind the Great Internet Firewall of China. I am not alone in this, some giant web sites we take for granted, such as YouTube, are also blocked, and in all likelihood, your MySpace URL is probably on the list as well. You can run a quick little test in a second and find out for yourself. It’s an eye-opener, I think.

MySpace and China

A notice sent out by MySpace has indicated that users located in China must move their accounts to MySpace.cn, or lose their accounts entirely! I got this news from some friends and associates in China who are less than thrilled, but shrug it off as routine stuff. Besides, it’s just another challenge for the Chinese Internet “creatives” to hack around, which they will.

Now, MySpace will not the exact reason for the forced switch, but it’s a known fact that MySpace.cn is goverened by local authorities, while MySpace; the one you use in either the USA , Europe, Australia is not. The two options MySpace is offering Chinese users is to move their existing accounts over to MySpace.cn, or re-register on MySpace.cn after their accounts have been deleted. This is kinda like; “left or right – which eye would you like blackened?”
MySpace is attempting to be encouraging of the situation by noting the local benefits of creating a MySpace.cn account, but users in China aren’t buying it. With the ongoing regulatory issues of launching a Western-based service in China, this new move comes as no surprise. Google’s Chinese blog search is facing similar issues, and Yahoo and Microsoft have both signed a pact with the Chinese Government regarding information tracking Chinese bloggers – Scary Stuff!



What you are looking at is a screen-shot of my computer with the results of the test after plugging my URL on the site at:


Here’s what happens. Some unnamed Internet Creatives (or hacks, whatever) interested in a non-censored WWW have servers located in China in undisclosed, and possibly moving-target locations. When you type in your URL and hit “test,” the signal leaves your computer, hops around the world through a network of available servers to the one in China, then hops back to your screen giving you the news, and in my case, you can see, the message is; Your URL is Blocked! Give it a shot, use any web address, and let me know your result.

Who cares and is this important? I’ll leave that for you to think about, but clearly it’s important to not only my friends in China but some hitters you may have heard of, like Bill “Microsoft” Gates and that Rupert “MySpace” Murdoch dood, and though you may find this boring, without both, you wouldn’t find it at all, heY!


~ X anemi


  1. Nice and ellobrate article.. Censorship in China has crossed all its limits, A recent inside on the censorship has been released recently.. which revels all the story. Unbeliveable but true.. http://askwiki.blogspot.com/2007/10/inside-on-chinese-internet-censorship.html Check it out..

  2. Thank you, Rishil, great post/link!

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