Paris Banned? OMG!

September 20, 2007

Oh Mein Gott!

Hollywood libertine Paris Hilton will not be allowed to attend Munich, Germany’s major beer celebration because of ‘cheapening‘ last year’s event. Partying Paris, 26, appeared at last year’s Oktoberfest to promote a regional wine maker dressed in plaits and a traditional Bavarian costume. Organizers at this year’s event have barred brands from using celebrities to push their alcohol. Gabrielle Weishaeupl, of the city’s tourist board, explains celebrity promotions ‘are completely prohibited by the new festival rules.’ No one wants her anymore, not even Germany. (kudos to Tim at Snagwire; http://thesnagwire.com)


Well, OK Gabrielle, how about a politician? They aren’t celebrities, heY!



~ X anemi

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