Hitler Is Alive!

September 27, 2007

Adolph Hitler is alive and well and is enjoying the Southern California sunshine in San Diego in a theme park to be opened soon which is owned and operated by the United States Navy. Is this true? Well, it has to be true and listen carefully as I explain. Take a look at the below photograph easily obtained off the Internet on Google Earth, thanks to satellite imagery courtesy of NASA, a US Government Agency – no big coincidence! What you are seeing is the Navy’s theme park; “Heil HitlerWorld,” which has been Adolph Hitler’s super-secret home where he has been working to pay off his war crimes serving as the consulting master-mind architect since the project was originally constructed in 1969! The Nazi swastika shape of the main arcade building is unmistakable – another no big coincidence!


The exact location of this theme park complex is on Coronado Island on Bougainville Road in San Diego, California where the United States Navy Exchange is housed – another great big no coincidence! Now, everybody knows San Diego is home to a bunch of wildly popular mega-money making tourist attractions such as a big Zoo and the fish camp concentration called SeaWorld, so it is obviously no coincidence that Heil HitlerWorld should be built here too! Note the large rectangular shaped swimming pool, two ball fields, ample parking and boat docks, not to mention paved ingress and egress. Some of the larger adjacent buildings are clearly built with people in mind! Of particular note, take a look at the airplane shaped buildings to the left of the swastika arcade. These surely must be some thrilling Luftwaffe type joy ride or such – what else! Everybody knows the United States Government and the military has secrets, and it should not come as any coincidence that the Navy has been saying; “loose lips sink ships,” ever since Adolph Hitler came to be known!


Let me offer more no big coincidence evidence. Firstly, San Diego is a large United States city in the State of California. It is no secret that San Diego sits at the edge of the left US Ocean; The Pacific, and is home to a large US Naval presence replete with Navy sailors and ships! Secondly, the Mexican-American War is long done with, so why else would all of this military might be necessary in this location if not to protect the likes of Adolph Hitler? Thirdly, The United States is at war in Iraq and Afghanistan which is costing a bundle – a coincidence? I think not! Everybody knows the Republicans who are running the Country want to get re-elected soon, and raising taxes is not a popular platform to sell to American voters – irrefutable wouldn’t you agree? Clearly then, the plan is to open Heil HitlerWorld and use the profits to fund the war effort – and who would not support this rather than higher taxes? Besides, it will create jobs and a bunch of the money spent here will come from foreign visitors, mainly Mexicans – a stones throw to the fenceless border – no big coincidence, people!


Lastly, Adolph Hitler was born in 1889, and although many historians say he died in 1945 – nobody can actually prove it, weird, huh? Not to me, not with the wonders of modern stuff that is out there! So, I am saying look for this Heil HitlerWorld to open in 2009 with a big birthday celebration for Adolph, who will be 120 then – no big coincidence is evident here, because if you take the number 120, and break it down and look at it like this mathematically; (1 + 2 + 0 = 3), the equation product number “three,” has long since been recognized as a lucky number! This cannot be argued scientifically or otherwise!


These buildings do exist, were built in 1969-1970, and are occupied by the US Navy. The original plans submitted to the Navy for the project included the two central buildings which were intended to contain a boiler plant and a recreation room; and a single “L”-shaped 3-story barracks. The plan called for the “L” shaped building to be repeated three times and placed at 90-degree angles to the central buildings. It wasn’t until after the groundbreaking began that Navy officials realized how the buildings would appear when seen from above.

Thanks to Google Earth, the “swastika-like” shape of these buildings was spotted by God knows who, but not me, some 2-3 years ago, and photos have circled the Internet ever since. I believe Google Earth fans are better than the CIA in scouring the planet for anomalies like this one!

The main reason for bringing this to re-attention is that the United States Navy just announced plans to spend $600,000.00 in tax-payer funds to disguise these buildings with “fox tails,” like solar panels and landscaping. Now, you have to know this “project” is going to cost well in excess of $600,000.00, and who is calling for this to be done? Surely not the Google Earth oglers. So, if you read this far, I will ask; “Who is the real dope?”

Maybe my theme park idea is not so bad, after all, Disney started with a rat, heY!




~ X anemi

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  1. I always knew Mickey Mouse was a nazi stooge! Now I have proof! Finally, My conspiracy theory is proven!

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