The Russians Are Coming!

September 27, 2007


Here’s the latest, apparently written by the infamous Sorcha Faal. I Haven’t heard from Sorcha since he/she last had an appeal needing a new microwave oven and PC or two, and you can pretty much tell when there is going to be a full moon or Halloween or some such para-normal happening. This is Sorcha’s take on the great big meteor that recently crashed into Peru of all places, and sickened everybody except for Muma Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez who were not in the country at the time. Must have been a really slow Britney day.

“American spy satellite downed in Peru as US nuclear
attack on Iran thwarted”

Russian Military Intelligence Analysts are reporting
today that one of the United States most secretive spy
satellites, the KH-13, targeting Iran was ‘destroyed
in its orbit’ with its main power generator powered by
the radioactive isotope Pu-238 surviving re-entry and
crashing in a remote region of the South American
Nation of Peru, and where hundreds are reported to be
ill from radiation poisoning.


Western media reports are stating that the US spy
satellite debris hitting Peru was caused by a meteor,
but which, according to these reports, would be
‘impossible’ as the size of 30-meter crater, if caused
by a meteorite, would have hit the ground with about
as much energy as 1 kiloton tactical nuclear weapon,
and which would have been recorded by the seismic
stations around the World.


Most astonishing about these reports, however, are
that they state that it was the Americans themselves
who destroyed their own spy satellite with the attack
upon it being made by the United States Air Forces’
30th Space Wing located at Vandenberg Air Force Base
in California. This incident further fuels the
intrigue involving the United States War Leaders plans
to attack Iran in their attempt to engulf the entire
Middle East in Total War, but, against which,
according to Russian Military Intelligence Analysts, a
‘high ranking and significant’ faction of the American
Military Establishment is opposed to.

This can be further evidenced by this past few weeks
unprecedented announcement by the United States Air
Force that 6 nuclear armed cruise missiles were
removed, without authorization, from their secure
holding facility, located in North Dakota at the Minot
Air Force Base, and flown to Barksdale Air Force Base,
located in Louisiana, where they were left
‘unattended’ for ‘nearly 10 hours’.

It is interesting to note, too, that Barksdale Air
Force Base is where the United States President was
‘ordered’ to report to on September 11, 2001 by the
United States Air Force Strategic Command prior to his
being ‘transferred’ under ‘armed escort’ to Offutt Air
Force Base Strategic Command Center near Omaha,
Nebraska, where the first ‘truce’ between Americas War
Leaders and its Military Forces was ‘negotiated’ by
billionaire Warren Buffett as intermediary between the
rival power blocs.

Though the rival American power blocs do seem to have
maintained their uneasy truce, and which have, to
date, prevented further attacks within the United
States itself, these latest events, according to these
reports, appear to show that this truce is now
breaking down over threats and planning by the
American War Leaders to attack Iran, and which Russia
has warned would be ‘catastrophic’.

What remains unknown to us, at this time, is what
counter-planning the American War Leaders have in
store for furthering their war aims against Iran as
the United States Military have ‘clearly signaled’
that it will not allow nuclear weapons to be used,
even to the extent of denying to their War Leaders one
of their most prized spy satellites used to guide
their nuclear cruise missiles to their intended
Iranian targets.

As the American peoples desire for war appears to be
exhausted, and with new polls showing their President
and Congress’ approval ratings at ‘record lows’, these
reports paint a frightening picture of an American War
Leadership determined to engulf the entire World in
Total War in order to perpetuate their hegemony.

Not since last century’s German Nazi and Japanese
Empire’s has the World seen such naked aggression
towards the capture of the Earth’s resources, and
which caused the deaths of nearly 100 million people,
but which the United States and its Western Allies now
seem determined to see through to its brutal, and
bloody end.

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western



~ X anemi

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