I Don’t Want

October 2, 2007

…a pickle, just wanna ride on my…HOLY COW, ARLO!

Unless you are living in a little flip-top bio-debateable box thing, you know about the US tainted meat hamburger recall. The number keeps getting super-sized, but last I saw on the bube, it was up to like, 21.7 million pounds of ground Elsie!

Dang, dood, food for thought here. Do the math, couch potato head – that’s enuff moo to make a Big Mac for each and every adult in America! Of course, though, this latest random terror attempt is not going to work because American adults do not eat junk food anymore anyhow. Osama, you should have given up after the lame hot coffee ruse, cause all you did was drive up the price at Starbucks to north of $5.00 a cup, and that’s not hurting any shareholder I know. Loser.


“Ronald McDavid”

Have it your way, hold the condom-ents. Ugh – sorry, I couldn’t resist, it was just, just, hanging out, there. Terrorists, you listen up – “Mebe, um, Colonel Mustard with a lead toy feeding the dog while brushing our teeth with carp-flavored Chinese tooth paste?” FUG-GIT-ABOUT-IT– WE AREN’T DIGGIN’ IT! Pass the Heinz-Kerry stuff.

“THE PICKLE (Motorcycle) SONG,” Arlo Guthrie ~ 1975



~ X anemi

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