Rosie and OJ to Not Wed

October 3, 2007

…and get that, or mix that with this, and it’s like getting this with that, or free dirt, heY!


ANEMIC ROYALTY RECOMMENDS NOT ~ “Talk about, ‘what were they thinking,’ or not thinking, or writing, or saying, or getting out of my face, or not – what’s up with Amazon.com? Listen, I can go get Rosie O’Donnell’s new book, which she did not write, did not say or do half of what is not in there, and has not been printed yet, or…..I can buy O.J. Simpson’s new book which is really an old book, which never actually was a book, that neither did he not write, never said or did anything that is in there, and does not own, or if I put both of these together, I can save a boat load of money that I do not have to spend on either not really books, that I will really never read, because if I did it, nobody would want to hear about it, and I would be embarrassed if anybody knew I did do it anyhow.” ~ Anemi Easy, did not book review

Did Amazon really mean to put these two non-writers together? I guess I understand, I mean, it’s close to Halloween, and not to talk ugly about the non-writers, but neither one are not going to need to buy a fright mask, and both have perfectly horrible tales that neither will tell, and both rear up and won’t go away just like The Great Pumpkin, but what do I know, or skip that, because why would I want to? This really is better than snake oil, and if I only made a dime in connection with this, you can be assured I would have it framed, or bronzed, or shot to the not a planet no more; Pluto, heY!


Seriously, if you do buy one of these books, or opt for the great “two-fer” special, don’t tell me about it, or do tell me about it, but don’t call me at home, but do call me over at Britney’s, where I will be rinsing out my shorts, but not with her not kids, because it’s grown-up’s night in, and not out, OK?

Now, this is great. Here’s the official description of Rosie’s book, Celebrity Detox;

“Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, and always brutally honest, this is Rosie O’Donnell’s surprising account of the pain, regret, and euphoria involved in withdrawing from celebrity life–and the terrifying dangers of relapsing into the spotlight.”

Got it? Good. Now, swap O.J.’s name with Rosie’s and re-read. Two-for-one book deal, huh? Actually, think of the time you are going to save by not reading either not a book yet, of your choice. Just close you eyes and point, you can’t miss. For some reason, though, the Amazon site says these two books are “Better Together,” and I agree, and that is why they consented not for the really is a picture of them both above. If you want to know the truth, I believe this is all a trial balloon to sell the soon to not be announced nuptials romance book between Rosie and O.J., which really is not nuptials but is a not a romance rumor either if they did it.

OK, so if you really, really have no skill to read, no desire if you did, but had money, but not for this, and are waiting for the movie, you are not getting off just like that, because, here it is, just click on Rosie:


Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, Amazon says:

Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought: Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death, not posthumously written by not living and not really a blonde, Anna Nicole, or maybe the other offering Amazon suggests; The Awakening, which might not be a bad idea for a book written by another of my favorite not a writer; Melissa Etheridge.



~ X Baezkid, not an avid reader

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