Eat the Snow

October 4, 2007


The calendar may say Fall, but you’d never know it down in Georgia where summer-like temperatures are barely easing. A long hot, dry spell has led to tight water restrictions smacking the faces of what many are dubbing the “Great Snow Job.”

You see, relief is on the way, sans help from Mother Nature, and snow is guaranteed on November 10, over at Stone Mountain Park, to the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. That’s right, kids, Georgia is creating a 400-foot slope of snow, and actually started the drifts in 80+ degree heat last Tuesday. On opening day, after working around the clock, crews at the park will have built what’s billed as Coca-Cola Snow Mountain, on the lawn behind Memorial Hall. Where crowds gather during the summer to watch the park’s laser show, kids, big and all, will soon be tubing down the mammoth slope of ice and snow.


Waste of water? Ask Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, who has diverted criticism by taking the state’s water conservation efforts indoors and declaring October “Take A Shorter Shower” month. Can you say, “Let them eat cake,” or, “Things go better with Coke,” or snow, or blow…heY” We have no word from the Governor’s office as to how  or who would be monitoring the pipes.



~ X Anemi

One comment

  1. Actually, the snow mountain has been cancelled due to complaints. Now, if they’d just penalize construction crews who break water mains in and around Atlanta and waste thousands of gallons of the precious stuff….
    “ANEMIC ROYALTY SAVES THE DAY!” Right, LOL! Thank you for the update, and reading our blog, you’re the hero, heY! ~ X Anemi

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