Royally Wrong

October 6, 2007

What’s the matter with this picture? If you said, “nothing, he’s hawt!” OK, fine, I stand by my first sentence.


If I didn’t know the subject pictured here, I’d say this is just another illustration for a Foxworthy book; “You Might Be A Redneck If…” But, worse, much worse…this is celebrity wannabe Frederic von Anhalt, or whatever he wants to go by, current husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor. This photo was taken by, God knows who would want to, on July 25, when Frederic summoned the Beverly Hills police to report this “robbery.” As you can imagine, filing false police reports is a crime, but that’s Beverly’s problem. Frederic told the police he had been robbed, stripped, and hand-cuffed at gun-point by three unknown women, who got away with among other things, his car keys. I have attempted to correct this error noted in the Wikipedia entry written of this non-incident, however, somebody keeps stealing/deleting the facts! To the picture, you can clearly see the car keys right where I’d put them – in the ignition. Frederic’s original story to Zsa Zsa was that aliens were the culprit, and wisely, she suggested using humans for believability. Now, we are registered editors over at Wiki, and Frederic, how about you keeping your idle hands off our good deeds, heY!



Not the Robbers!

~ X Anemi

One comment

  1. lol… this shit is funny. this guy is hilarious.

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