Chris Crocker – The Whole Truth

October 9, 2007



No, the above is not Chris Crocker’s latest video, but rather, a fitting illustration to what Chris, in his own words, has to say about, well about the whole “Chris Crocker Thing,” or phenomena it became, and now…was. You see, or you will, Chris, who meteorically, and as he states, un-wittingly, became the; “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!” boy, is hanging up his heels.

Metaphorically, there is a reason why there are signs at the zoo warning not to feed the attractions, and Chris eloquently, I think, offers a quick sum, then thumb, to the fame game, whiz and bling which so many desperately aspire, and thankfully, as with all mixed blessings, never attain.

I kinda knew something was up when I asked Chris why he had been so “quiet” for the past couple of days, and never really got his answer – until now, and what an answer – more, what a message he truly relates.

As background, Chris grew a sizable fan base for his work, primarily using MySpace in conjunction with YouTube, and for a (literally) bedroom performer/cinematographer, developed a sizable catalog within only roughly twelve months. From the get-go, Chris let on his mission statement, much the same as you might read on the cover page of a corporate annual report. It was written right there in the “About Me” grid of his MySpace page, the section most people never read, if completed at all. Once you sieved Chris’s bio, it said; “I am going to have a Television Show.”

I’m pretty sure I saw all of his videos, some good, and some really, really bad. When I say “good,” let me qualify a bit. I mean “good” by MySpace standards. MySpace is dying to become the entertainment “push me-pull me” of the future, but for now, as a primary source of grins – no, nope. Aside from its exceptionally poor delivery of content plagued by scads of self-created and outside technical snow storms, what is finally beamed to your lap screen is so all over the map, you’d never hit it with a spit-ball (many have tried, I’m sure!) I say this, because, Chris and his brand of entertainment was a natural for MySpace – the subject of his videos went everywhere! Chris went from serious commentary of relevant current societal and political concerns, to finding the proper fit for male hair extensions. See what I mean? You can’t give that stuff away in Hollywood, because Hollywood can’t make a buck canning that and selling it to you and me. The long and short of it is, while we may watch really stupid shit on TV, at least we know what channel it’s on – grab the french fries, heY!

But Chris knew this, he knew his “stuff” had no collective core to grab and retain the attention span of a large following, and he was smart enough to know MySpace and YouTube is really not the vehicle to keep you there. For every one of your so-called MySpace “Friends,” the one that likes you today, forgot about you – later today. It really does move that quick. And all the content, “ai, yi, yi!” Look at the number of videos alone posted each day, what, 60-100 million per? MySpace and YouTube are pretty logical portals to bounce around some ideas and creativity to an “audience” which, seriously, you can develop in less than 24 hours, and Chris knew this, and used it to the max in fulfilling his personal mission statement. In summary, throw the shit on the wall, and see what sticks. Sometimes you get “lucky” and you “get your picture on the cover of the Rollin’ Stone.”

Hollywood and the zoo are very much the same when when you contrast the “throw it at the wall” hypothesis. Listen, next time you go to the zoo, spend a little time throwing cracker-jacks at the monkey. Make sure you wear your shades, because, you may think that monkey is stupid, but I guarantee you, he is going to pick that shit up and throw it back!

This is what Chris is saying below, and kudos, I say, for netting this out quickly, and maybe even enjoying himself a little along the way. It really does take a long time to get to those coveted “15 minutes of fame,” and a bigger dood to let it go – so, bravo on this, Chris. Lastly, Chris ends by saying please do not wish him luck, and for what it’s worth, I don’t think he is going to need it. What the hell, how about best wishes, then, and see ‘ya around, Chris.

~ X Anemi





Warning: This is for people with attention spans. AKA- People who really care.

I did a video entitled ‘Life after ‘Leave Britney Alone’, but I realize that I held back in the video. There is too much to be said that a 2 minute video just can’t convey.. and I feel I have held back and compromised enough in the past few weeks. After all, my very existence is built on NOT holding back. I realize that it’s all about compromising in Hollywood, which is why I’m taking a leave.

In Hollywood- it’s all about keeping it cute.. staying quiet, and smiling in everyones faces. Looks like I’m not cut out for Hollywood. Looks like my fifteen minutes of fame really might be over because of my inability to go from human to plastic.

All I have to say to that is OH-FUCKING-WELL.

Every problem I have encountered with “Hollywood” has been about censorship. EVERY LAST PROBLEM I HAVE HAD WITH HOLLYWOOD HAS BEEN ABOUT CENSORSHIP. The industry is for hoes with nothing to say and plenty of blowjobs to offer– not artists.

Networks are in a position to spread entertainment mixed with education. Edutainment, if you will. Instead they choose to make 16 year olds want million dollar birthday parties, so it came as no surprise to me when some of these networks turned my TV show down before the Britney video. However, AFTER the Britney video- the networks came pouring in. Keep in mind- I had a TV show deal before the Britney video.. and also keep in mind- it was turned down by every last network until the Britney video. Which.. I don’t know what Chris Crocker these networks have been watchin’, but I’m still the same Chris Crocker, so I don’t know what is more appealing to them now. I’m still Chris Crocker. I’m not BritneyBoy.. and I don’t need a TV show to do my thing. I’m not desperate for a TV show.

I can change the world from my very own bedroom. I don’t need a TV show’s help.

In Hollywood it’s all about squeezing. Squeezing people into boxes.. squeezing the life out of people.. squeezing the creativity out of people. Too much compromise and not enough enlightenment. However, I’m a southern girl and that’s not how I operate..

I never thought when I uttered the three words ‘Leave Britney Alone’ that I would eventually replace Britney’s name with the word ME. [IE: ‘Leave ME Alone!’ (for all the idiots out there) That I would have to tell the media to back off of me. I never wanted that video to be my introduction to the world. I never imagined it would grab headlines. I thought it would stay on Youtube and/or Myspace just like my other videos which had recieved millions of views prior to the mass-media coverage. The fact that the video got millions of hits within such a short amount of time didn’t at all make me think it would end up on everything from The Today Show to CNN to TRL to BBC in Europe. It just didn’t dawn on me that this could be my big break.

CNN never posted my videos on AIDS or the Age of Consent.. so I never thought a video on Britney would interest the media. So when people ask me if it was real, I do get irritated. Of course it was real. Although admittedly, I have posted skits in the past- My Youtube channel has an array of genres. I post everything from blogs to skits to monologues about everyday life.

At first the attention excited me, but I was soon rudely awakened. I realized that everything I had done up until the Britney video didn’t matter to the media. It was stripped away from me. I was tagged ‘Britney boy’.. which, at first flattered me because I was fine with doing her justice as a fan, and I still am.. and while I may have said ‘Before I’m an American, I’m a Britney fan’- Well, before I’m a Britney fan I’m an artist myself. Britney means the world to me, and even inspires my art.. the video itself was art in some ways. It allowed me to share my feelings with millions of people, which is art, so for that I am grateful in every way. It would just be nice if the media would take a closer look.. but it’s up to me to make them do that. Which is what the TV show was supposed to do. Right now the TV show is on hold. I am no longer with 44 Blue Productions, for reasons I will not go into. Networks are still interested, however, I’m not interested in being Britney Boy for much longer. If in fact someone approaches me with the right deal- If in fact someone wants to help portray me in an accurate light, as opposed to an obsessed lunatic- I’m all for it. I’m not in it for the money.. so therefore I will not be swindled or bribed. I’m not in it at all, actually, at the moment. Not until someone approaches me with something up to par.

Believe it or not, this “fame whore” has standards and a vision to go with those standards. I have no interest in taking the Perez route. I don’t have to talk about celebrities in order to feel like one. There are already too many Perez’s as it is. Actually, one is far more than enough… in more ways than one.

Speaking of the unavoidable elephant- Perez has went out of his way to avoid talking about me in recent events, despite his previous raves about me. Also despite the fact that he blogged about me and curiously made it private, but yet still viewable to anyone who searches for it. Alsooooo despite claiming I’m unworthy for PerezHilton.Com. Well, bitch, that’s OK. I may be unworthy for PerezHilton.Com, but I’m obviously not unworthy of The Today Show and every other main media outlet. Jeffree Star may need you as a plan B, but I surely don’t.
I actually really enjoyed Perez up until I realized he really was.. Perez. The person writing all of the horrible things on his website is actually the person you get when you talk to him. Everyone has their reasons for the things they do; everyone has their justifications; I just don’t know what I ever did to the guy but tell him how cute he was for a guy with crayon red hair. After I spoke out in Britney’s defense- he asked me not to speak to him personally about Britney anymore and I refused.. because if we’re quote-unquote friends, I should be able to speak openly on issues that effect my life. Especially issues that effect both of our lives, considering he lives, eats, breathes Britney. Actually, all of this Perez-ness is irrelevant…

…Or is it?…

Conveniently/Coincidentally Perez and TMZ posted about my “lawsuit” before anyone else.. before I knew. Hell, before God himself knew. Which leads me to believe that Perez, TMZ, and the person that is suing me are all in on this together.

Color me unsurprised. TMZ would rather report on the lawsuit than the ACTUAL matter at hand. No one asked me for my side of the story. No one. Everyone on the news that has reported on this. Usually when something of this nature happens- both parties are contacted for comment. I’m pretty accessible. Especially considering TMZ has my personal email.

If it looks like a publicity stunt– smells like a publicity stunt— and makes its way onto TMZ- it’s a publicity stunt.
An ~*inside job~*, if you will.

As far as I’m concerned- the ~*~*~LaWsUiT~*~**~ doesn’t exist to me. It is a fairytale sponsored by TMZ.

The guy that is suing me for a million dollars is claiming his reputation in the industry is now damaged. Well, first of all, I’m not exactly America’s sweetheart. I’m not respected in Hollywood. Hiring me to represent your jewelery was a wack move if respect is what you want. Moving on..
The guy flew me out to LA in exchange for me to wear his jewelery in public. I was perfectly fine/excited about wearing his stuff. I liked it a lot in the beginning, but once I got there, everything went from business to personal in a matter of hours. I was horrified. Without getting into too much detail- I was the one who was thrown the cuveball. I was the one who was used. Again, I can’t get into details. [YET] When I got to LA I was initially excited to wear his jewelery, but as time went on- he made the business personal. I was not happy to wear his jewelery, after he did so. It felt like chinese water torture even having his shit around my neck. It felt against my will.. but you know what? I DID IT ANYWAY. I did everything his publicist and my people agreed to.

The only thing that was a breach of ‘agreement’ (because there was no contract) was when I forgot to wear it out one night at Mr. Chow’s when paparazzi caught up with me. So at worst, I made a breach of agreement. If he thinks me not wearing his jewelery for one day is equivalent to a million dollars, he has a rude awakening. Anyone with minimal to no experience will see this for the publicity stunt it is on his part.

Not only did I not recieve a payment for wearing his jewellery, there was no real contract. I replied via EMAIL that I would wear his jewellery with my stage name. The list of loopholes goes on and on, but the point is- If this were any ordinary lawsuit.. say for $2,000.. or hell, even $20,000 the media would not be picking up on it, [or maybe they would with all the fucks he knows] but strategically this guy knows that since it is a million dollar lawsuit it will garnish press.

Everyone asks how it feels to have a lawsuit out against me for a million dollars.. The better question is, how does the LA court system feel about being used for press over plastic bullshit?

If money is what this guy wants, I would suggest robbing a bank, because he aint gettin’ nothin’ from this country bitch. I would suggest robbing a bank. It’d be easier than robbing me.

Love to all my faithful, AMAZING fans out there. I mean it. You are the best because you take that closer look and it’s fucking admirable. If I went solely on what the media posts about me, I wouldn’t be a fan of me, but you guys take the time to see what I’m really about..and I’m compelled.

Wish me luck. Not that I’ll need it!




  1. […] into Hollywood was, for now, just that famous “fifteen minute” thing. Chris gave us “The Whole Truth” earlier, and now follows-up with a bit more, um, […]

  2. From what little I’ve learned about the character and/or person a.k.a. “Chris Crocker,” he was talented, emotional, thoughtful, energetic, and triumphant in the face of challenge (growing up gay in the south ) BEFORE he made the Britney rant, and it looks like those traits will continue to serve him thru this gossip drama and beyond. Thanks for your “whole truth” message.

  3. my computer was down for a while, and when i finally got a new one i thought i’d check out youtube. this was august of ’07. i clicked on “what is normal?” out of curiosity, and thought, this is one hell of a woman. further viewings of chris’ videos revealed that this wasn’t one hell of a woman, but one hell of a person. ever since then i’ve been a big supporter. i bash the bashers in the comment sections of his videos. i cannot imagine what his life has been like in his hometown, but to finally bust out only to be misunderstood and have his image/voice twisted in hollywood is heartbreaking. i hope whatever’s next for chris is truly rewarding for him, and he finds a place of belonging in this world that is a true home.

  4. well I guess when you jump in bed with the devil you gotta screw huh? theres a place for your art and entertainment Chris Ive enjoyed all of your videos and continue to watch them over and over. YOU have Raw talent that needs to be exposed on Television some one will get smart in the show bizz area and see you for all your talent. Best wishes my bud later Shadow P.S your loved by many…. forget the minor crowd.

  5. Crocker is a tool and a YT Cheater- he cheats to get views and he’s the biggest cam whore ever. Plus, he’s got little kids emulating his actions and thinking it’s cool. Down with Chris Crocker of shitter. Peace.

  6. The problem with the American public is that they cannot think beyond the literal, so don’t fight it. Andy Warhol was an artist before he was a celebrity. Celebrity culture is artifice to the least common denominator and (Andy understood this) Art is religion. Be and Artist and rise above it!

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