Take Up Smoking

October 14, 2007

OK, I’m joking with the title a bit here, but who needs ‘crack’ after taking a look at this 1948 commercial for Lucky Strike cigarettes? The slogan for this brand was “It’s Toasted!” Uh huh, so was the ad man, wOw!




What is our take-away message from the advertisements above? It’s very simple. If you are contacted by an attorney soliciting your business to join as a party in a class-action law suit, make certain he was not one of the losers who represented the tobacco companies.

It’s a little more complicated than this, so they say, but big tobacco got sued and lost zillions of dollars via judgements for wrongfully withholding knowledge that cigarettes are a bad thing and can kill you. To the best of my knowledge, the above case-winning evidentary documentation was never called into exhibit. We can plainly see, the tobacco companies have always showed concern for our health, and indeed have long conveyed the dangers of smoking.

To wit, in 1937, they warned using the grimmest of reapers, Joan “Mommy Dearest” Crawford, arriving at the front door on Christmas Eve, bearing the gifts of a carton of un-filtered cigarettes and a dead puppy. The door is closed, and the message is that it should certainly remain so. What potential smoker could possibly miss this? Me? I’d be shivering under my bed, praying for assistance from the tooth fairy, heY!

In figure two, we are drawn to a headless male with a sagging butt, distracting the female’s attention away from the falling giant drink coaster, clearly destined to guillotine her pronounced foot, whereafter, most likely, she will rapidly go into shock, then bleed to death, hence the use of the color red in the otherwise grave-toned imagery. Make no mistake, had the girl not been leaning forward to accept a light, this tragedy would never have occurred.

‘Smoke ’em, if ya got ’em!’



PSA’s. You should pay attention!

~ X Anemi

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