One Billion, and Two!

October 15, 2007

WTF is going on with Kevin Federline and his hairlines in this pic – wOw!


We were told this care-free coif is a prop for the show “One Tree Hill,” where filming is including a guest appearance or two by the  “Cornrow Fed K?” Well, that sounds good, considering it costs money to eat, “le GaSp,” and the “K” has got two extra mouths that need to be fed, heY!

But, we suspect Kevin is actually propping for the way cool website; “Exactly One Billion Mazes,” cause we found this puzzle over there while counting to make sure they really do have a billion! And guess what! We’re still counting, and since we’re doing the fact checking for you, here’s two “stars” on on one, and your mission, kids, is to get to the parental amazement of your choice, without getting nipped by some evil dawg along the way! It’s a bunch harder than it looks, have fun amigos, je je, yoi!




look, more fun and games!

~ X Anemi

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