October 18, 2007



Everybody is looking for somebody, or something, but is often confused as to just where to find it. We will help. You are about enter the Labs of Anemic Science, and I, Doktor Anemi, having the credentials of wealth and taste, will be your guide.

We have assembled what is on the minds of every humanoid on the planet, as presented below, and through the assistance of “Google Trends,” we know where to go to find left-brainers like ourselves. Our chart shows the popularity of these terms searched, from the beginning of 2004 to now, or, how often a particular search term is entered relative the total search volume across various regions of the world.

To ease the scientific jargon, for example, if you are thinking about Gay Sex, book a trip to Chile, and leave France to the French. Conversely, if you are sick of Britney Spears, Belgium is your destination of choice, and of course, if you are a groupie of me me meh; Doktor Anemi, the right-brained peeps are over in Turkey, heY! (Sounds about right!)

A word of disclaimer – If you get to Pakistan, and find that animal sex is no longer de rigueur, know that trends are fickle, but the door is wide open to welcome your fifteen minutes of fame. While there, why not set the pace! The world is truly your oyster, although I forgot to include that fetish on the list.




~ X Anemi

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