Chris Crocker Checks In

October 23, 2007



So, what’s Britney Spears’ biggest fan and YouTube and late-nite staple Chris Crocker been up to lately? Besides looking more fabulous than than his “idol,” it’s been a while since we’ve seen him bawling to, “Leave Britney Alone!” and what was looking like his big break into Hollywood was, for now, just that famous “fifteen minute” thing. Chris gave us “The Whole Truth” earlier, and now follows-up with a bit more, um, Crocker:

“HAS HOLLYWOOD CHANGED ME?” (Explicit Language Follows)

“Hello everybody..

Warning: This is long, pointless, and sexy.. I typed this on a toilet in a public restroom, so typos may ensue.
I asked myself if Hollywood has changed me; Then I asked myself if Hollywood changed my fans.

There is a difference in “fans”. (I use that term lightly, but hey, people call themselves fans, so therefore they are fans.) Some people call themselves fans and are happy for me and for what’s to come. Some people call themselves fans are constantly say how much they’re disgusted with how I don’t post new videos, how I’ve quote-unquote ~**~changed~**~

How can you say I’ve changed if I haven’t posted anything new? How can you say I’ve changed if you aren’t my baby’s mamma?

Speaking of changes, do me a favor and change the motherfucking channel! If you’re one of those people who constantly comment my page saying how I’ve changed and how over me you are- exercise your right as an American and fuck off already!

Everyone is asking why I haven’t been posting videos, and all I have to say is why haven’t you been watching TV? I’m not forgetting where I came from, but don’t try to hold me back and then call yourself a fan. You’re not my motherfucking fan if you want to hold me back and post Youtube videos all the time.

I am grateful and appreciative for and to the people that have been rooting me on since day one, and I love and appreciate Myspace and Youtube and what it’s brought me.. but I am not going to feel obligated or chained to my computer.

People that want to hold you back are not loved ones.. and in my case- are not fans.

Everyone have a grand ole week, and buy the new Britney CD on the 30th!

Kisses and Cumshots,
Chris Crocker



~ X Anemi


  1. hope alls doing good chris Keep up the teachings Im sure theyre Listening hate is a plaque and your the doctor

  2. Cris. my partner and i recently joined youtube. we’re a gay couple. he found you and showed me to you. i fell in love! i wish the little tv people would realize that ALL of your videos meant something.! i commented on them favorited them ect. just like the rest of bumfuckAmerica. you inspire me truly. just as Britney inspired you. my partner calls me crazy, sometimes he says i wish i was you. but you managed to even replace my childhood role model. i’ll be watching for you. i hope you’re on the big screen when i have kids. i want them to see a REAL BITCH! i love you! rusty g/kuppypat

  3. I’d do her.

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