October 23, 2007


Just a bit of news from San Diego, CA, where some 250,000 + residents have fled the massive and rapidly spreading fires enveloping the County. Conditions are ripe for the fires, warm and sunny (where no smoke), with temperatures in the 80’s, drought-like conditions with little rain for the last two years, and very low humidity, in the 9-11% range. Crowd all this with the first of the Santa Ana winds, just starting yesterday, bringing gusts upward of 100 mph, and, well, you can just imagine the results.

The worst fires for the area on record occurred four years ago to the day, but the situation now is exponentially worse. All available firefighters in San Diego are tending to this mess, save about 40 for the rest of the county. Traffic is…a mess, particularly on the North/South routes 15 and 5 where stretches are closed due to fire and/or choking smoke and dangerous ash. East/West Route 8 is painfully slow. Many shelters set up in the area to care for the evacuees are now filled and closed, however, the major point of respite; QualComm Stadium is open, and a steady stream of people having been arriving throughout the day.

At 11:00 PM PST this evening, Red Cross Spokesmen stated much appreciation for the overwhelming response of generosity pouring in by way of food donations, and requested no more for the day due to a lack of refrigerated space. Winds are continuing in the canyon areas and mandatory and voluntary evacuations are now underway for areas South and West including Rancho Santa Fe and Encinatas.



Good luck, everybody, be safe, heY!

~ X Anemi

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