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October 24, 2007



If you’re living in the United States, are connected to the Internet, and do not have a MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking account, you are in a rapidly dwindling minority. Consider this. The official US population as of July is just over 301 million, and the following table indicates 182 million unique users logged on to one of these hang-outs this past September, up 5% from a year ago.


The data above includes all users, be they goofing at work, avoiding TV at home, or finding excuses to do anything but study at school. The big Internet marketing research company, comScore, of Reston, Virgina stands by these statistics, however, it should be noted some of their sampling and modeling techniques have raised eyebrows. This is a bunch of traffic to monitor, and short of having a direct tie to every on-line computer, total accuracy is impossible, regardless of comScore’s claims. Still, big businesses pay big bucks for this type of data, so like hand grenades, this is close enough.

There is no big surprise that MySpace maintains the #1 spot, but Facebook is gaining ground – quickly. The list also includes blog sites because, well, argue if you wish, but they really do serve a social networking function more so than anything else. Again, no surprise, Google’s Blogger  is tops, but WordPress, our gracious and great host, who did not make the list last year has jumped over the shoulders of some perennial heavy’s.

Noticeably absent from this list, is Orkut, the Google owned and operated social site, with 67 million users worldwide, and highly popular in South America. The once “by invitation only,” Orkut only has about a half a million users in the US, and from the looks of it, mostly in Southern California. But, we like Orkut, and have been members since they came to be way back in 2004. Despite criticism and problems with foreign governments, Orkut is growing and has added a number a features and safety valves not found on the likes of MySpace. Unquestionably, if Google wants it, they have the resources to dominate the Social Networking scene, and I would never bet against this happening – sooner than later.

If you haven’t done so, what is the problem? Add me, heY!



~ X Anemi

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