Chris Crocker on Christianity

December 29, 2007


Chris Crocker “makes his bed” out of the Bible

You’ll get no debate out of me when it come to free speech, First Amendment rights, and all that jazz, but there really ought to be a law prohibiting “B” stars, wannabes, or anybody for that matter, in using religion as a prop to advance a fizzling acting career. It’s just…tired! Chris is a bright guy, and I expect more from entertainers than another reverse hate speech on Christianity and sexual orientation. Chris’s latest diatribe follows:


Before I get started, let me just say that any Christian who threatens to kill me or tells me to die or wants to beat me up is not only a hypocrite, but is also disobeying the bible.

Any Christian who wants to kill me for ripping up the Bible is full of shit. If someone were to break a Britney CD, I wouldn’t get mad because I understand that people have rights. Same thing.

For everyone surprised by the fact that I have a picture of me with a ripped Bible – don’t be. Do NOT be surprised that I am not Christian. Why are you surprised that I don’t support a book that doesn’t support my lifestyle? I don’t hate God, I hate the man who wrote hate into the bible. Any book that says I am going to a fiery place in my afterlife for sleeping with a man is NOT a book I support.

I will admit that I am biased based on my personal encounters with Christians, but for the most part, I have only known them to be good for one thing and that’s threats. They think they can threaten you because they think they’re powerful. They think that everyone should be Christian and if you’re not, you’re nothing. I’ve known ATHIESTS who were more humanitarian-like than most Christians.

Being religious does NOT make you a good person! Being CHRISTIAN does NOT make you a good person! Being honest and wanting peace makes you a good person..

The saying is ‘Live and let live..’ and a lot of Christians don’t know how to do that. They think it’s their duty to apoint you and change you and it just isn’t.

Think about it.

If there is a God he (a: isn’t going to expect me to know he exists because I am human and the bible was written by human- (b: he/she/it isn’t going to send me to this “fiery” place called hell just for sleeping with a man.

If he is a God worth my worship, he isn’t going to care who or what I fuck.

If he is a God worth my worship, he would have came down from his cloud a long time ago.

I know a lot of Christians say ‘Oh, I’m not like that! Those are the hypocritical Christians!’ — in my mind all Christians are hypocritical. Most Christians can believe in a man who rose from the dead, but they can’t believe in an Alien sighting..

OK, for all you people who are all like “i’m a christian and i don’t support hate….” or “not all christians are bad, i’m open-minded, i support blah-blah-blah” I have one thing to say to you: SAVE IT.

Yeah, while you were out being a good, non-gay hating, “open-minded” Christian, 3 of your youth-pasters are probably out posting hate-mail to me on myspace and hasseling 13-yr old gays on their way to school.

While you were being “tolerant”, a kid one state away was being beaten to death, or shot for being gay..

If you support us, ask yourself this: how many people know it? Does your family know it? Does your boyfriend/girlfriend/ wife? Are you scared to show your support for gays, and if you are why? Are you witnessing the voilence and hate around you?

The truth is, even CHRISTIANS are afraid of Christians! I know Christians who support gays and they’re afraid to show it because they’re afraid of what the Christian community might do to them.

it’s like a gang or a cult.. and is that really something you want to be a part of?

The people doing the preaching are the scary ones.. the ones doing the preaching are the ones you need to be scared of, not gays.

In my experience, Christians are some of the most hateful and conniving people I have ever come across. My grandparents were kicked out of a church they went to for 25 years, just because the church found out that I was gay. They claimed that by ME being gay that my grandparents were in support of a corrupt lifestyle.

First of all, I am 20 fucking years old. Secondly, what I do and what my grandparents do are totally different things. You would think that they would want to support my grandparents even more, if they believed what I do with my life is so sinful, but instead they shunned them away.

If that isn’t betrayal, I don’t know what is. Years and years of going to church with the same people and then kicked out for what your grandson does.

Also, for those hundreds of you who say I am being hypocrticial for posting the picture; saying that I am spreading hate- I am simply sticking up for myself. This is my response to everyone who has ever told me I am going to hell because of that book. I HATE the fact that millions of gay people are being told they are going to hell because of that book. I am PISSED that millions of gay peoples lives are ALREADY HELL because of that book.

The picture is for every Christian who has ever threatened to kill me- The picture is for every gay person who has ever been told they are going to hell.

THAT’S what the picture is for.

You Christians have more hate in your heart than you know what to do with. You can’t handle a liberal like me expressing my rights. It doesn’t piss you of that I am ripping up a bible about some God you believe in- It pisses you off that I know my rights.. It pisses you off that I don’t feel oppressed by you.


Eventually everyone is going to wake up and see this world as it really is..

The world would be a much more peaceful place without religion. The goal of religion isn’t to spread peace or positivity- it’s to spread elitism and hate. I can almost guarantee the death-threats I will get are 99.9% going to be/have been from Christians who think killing gay people is the only way… well, forgive me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it say in the Bible that taking someones life is a no-no?

Thank you for your time, Dear sweet Christians of this world.. I hope that you will all start practice what you preach, instead of threatening to kill people.

Sincerely not sorry,
Chris Crocker



Happy New Year!

~ X anemi


  1. Chris is a smart kid who’s not afraid to stand up for himself.

  2. thats a bunch of bullshit. I am a christian and i am a fan of chris, i know his lifestyle is wrong but i say w/e floats your boat. this blog kinda pissed me off a little bit, and i wanted to say that the christians who threaten to kill you are under alot of bondage and i am almost 100% positive the your grandparents church was babist or pentacostle. there are christians out there who will treat you like any other person, you just probley havent meet any of them living in L.A.
    Im still a fan of chris’s

  3. Dude.

    You’re not going to hell for being gay. If you read the Book, you’d realize that God still loves you despite your lifestyle; and with that said there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

    The Bible doesn’t support a lot of things; tattoos, multiple wives, incest. Christians believe these things are wrong; but GOOD Christians won’t persecute you for it.

  4. wow.. im really sorry that every christian you have met has threatened to kill you. dont worry about everyone else, worry about yourself.
    You put yourself out there to be ridaculed, THIS IS THE WORLD MAN… christian or not people are going to make fun of you.
    What are you are saying in this post is complete ignorance. I dont even know where to start.. try reading the bible and then you’ll be allowed to make your own comments on it because from what i read in your post, it seems like youve never even cracked open a Bible. The Bible was also written by disciples of Jesus who were his chosen Men, and his firends. There is no real way to explain the Bible or Christianity to someone who wont listen with an open mind so im not even going to try, But my Fiance’s Mom is gay and she is married to another women and my Uncle is also gay.. they are all very strong christians.

    “You Christians have more hate in your heart than you know what to do with. You can’t handle a liberal like me expressing my rights. It doesn’t piss you of that I am ripping up a bible about some God you believe in- It pisses you off that I know my rights.. It pisses you off that I don’t feel oppressed by you.”

    You are completely wrong and i just feel bad for you.
    You have a lot of hate in your heart and i hope that you find peace.

  5. Well allow me to shed some light on your…”picture”…you SAY you don’t want to spread hate or anger, but you DELIBERATLY made that picture, knowing very well the kind of reaction that people were going to get from it. NOW who is spreading the hate? Logic FTW.

  6. I am Christian and I love Chris Crocker. I completely understand where he is coming from and I’m glad he speaks his mind. I can’t stand to go to church because most of the Christians are VERY judgmental. You cannot think outside the box without someone labeling you and shunning you. If I ask a tough question, they tell me not to ask. If I point out something they teach doesn’t make sense, they say “believe it anyway on faith.” I do NOT go to church because I don’t want to be part of a man-run-religion. I live my Christian life by myself with family and friends and I love gay people. Even if having sex with the same sex were wrong… and I’m not saying it is… I could never say gay people are any wronger than myself. Like I don’t have sexual desires? How could I hate someone for having sexual desire when I have sexual desire too? So what if he has desire for another man? I’m a girl and I lust for guys too! I can’t control it. Only God can give me the grace to tame my desires so my heart won’t get hurt. I love Chris Crocker and pray to see him in Heaven. If you hate Chris Crocker and are a Christian… STOP. Pretend you don’t see how he dresses, looks, acts or whatever you don’t like about him. Think of a person who would help you if you fell down. Think of a person who would show you kindness if you cried. Who cares what he looks like or who he is attracted to! It’s who he is inside that matters. He doesn’t go out there trying to hurt people. He’s brave to speak his mind and I admire that. And shame on anyone who does not hope to see Chris Crocker in heaven… because he has a heart and he hurts to see others hurt. So I love him. He’s human. We are all flawed.

  7. k heres the thing homosexuality is agianst what the bible sayd
    grow up and stop acting like a girl god made u a man so start acting like one and stop sleeping with em

  8. Dear “you sorry-assed mother fucker”,

    I am sorry Christians you have encountered were bastards, but who you were fucking dealing with were Catholics and Mormons and Christians who have religious rules not related to the bible. I’m sorry you were treated bad for being a homosexual, but if you don’t want people treating you bad about it don’t call their beliefs shit. I’m a christian and I go to a church where members are homosexuals, we don’t treat them any different. I don’t know what bull shit church your grandparents went to but you should be glad they got kicked out if they have to deal with such biggots.

    Next off I don’t support homosexuality nor I’m against it. You said that you’ve always liked men, that’s the way god made you that’s not satan tapping into your mind. Being gay is just a detail of your life, like you gender, age, or eye color. The preacher’s wife is against homosexuality, but no really gave a rat’s ass when she said that. And from what I know the pastors at my church don’t get pissed at gays.

    No where in the bible does it say “Gay’s go to hell” the ten co-fuckin’-mandments say nothing about homosexuality being a sin, just adultery. I was a homophobe but I ended become friends with some gay and bi people.

    Pick up Exodus from off your bed and read book twenty-something.
    You aren’t going to hell for being gay. If you are going to hell its cause you don’t love God.

    Being Naked is not a good way of standing up for yourself.

  9. You’re right, Chris. People who think they’re Christians need to act like Christians if they want to be Christians. And those so-called Christians that flagrantly use words like “faggot” and “dyke” are anything but Christians. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesus encountered gay people during His time, and having read a few things about Him I certainly doubt Jesus would’ve used words like “faggot” and “dyke”. Jesus would have much more compassion with gay people.

  10. although there are nice christians out there…. it’s certainly true that there are a lot of extreme ones in america, who are potentially having a destructive influence on things. Sadly, various religions around the world are causing problems.

  11. i swear to god if you ever insult god’s word like that i will fuckin’ torture you till kingdom come. hey, if you don’t mind goin’ to hell than your in for a suprise bitch! every day you drink boiling water with molten iron. you sit on chairs made of acid and 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years will be about 1/100 of a second of your time there. i hope to god that you repent before you die.

  12. You have demons.

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