February 24, 2008


Raul Castro, now 76, and now el Presidente, demonstrates his new policy for Guantanomo Bay; “Catch and Release.”

Capturing the planet in mid yawn, Cuban lawmakers named Fidel Castro’s baby bro as president, kinda sorta ending the almost half-century rule of really ancient brother Fidel.

Cuba’s 614-member national assembly, made up of, catch this: Communist Party members, ha, chose Raul Castro, now 76, to rule the island nation for the next, God willing and the creek don’t rise, five years, it announced today on TV. Raul perhaps, or not, recalls he was nine years old when American farm boy Philo Farnsworth’s patented dream of television was introduced to the world in color by RCA.

Speaking repetitively, but all by himself, Raul Castro had this to say today; “I assume the responsibility that has been given to me, with the conviction that I affirmed many times, that there is only one commander and chief of the Cuban revolution: Fidel is Fidel.” For those of you who’s Spanglish, shees non so good, the translation; “It is what it is.”

Viva Raul, heY!

~ X anemi

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