Double Atonement

March 27, 2008

Governor Eliot Spitzer ~ What was he thinking? Are you kidding me…

Gah it seems like ages ago since New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was “disgraced” out of his cushy gig and shoved into self-rehab familial atonement, and I, sensing the tribulations of his rigor, was reaching for my cell to catch a glow of his progress, then I got this deja-vu:

Spitzer Linked to Second Prostitution Ring


Le Gasp…Eliot, dawg, dOOd, heY! I don’t know about the heft of “Billie’s” Black Book, but clearly, here’s a case for a double-shot dose of atonement if ever I saw one.

Seems this gal, Kristen “Billie” Davis, the press jumps her by using “Madam,” is 32, and on her way to earning a masters in psych, which seems about right, was hauled into court Tuesday to enter the perfunctory plea of not guilty, yer honour, for money laundering, which zooms nobody, cause what fool don’t know that’s aka hookin’. Her mouthpiece tried to get her bailed for $2 mill US, but the judge said noep for fear of Billie being a “flight risk.” Talk about blind…justice, heY! Judge, dood, look up a bit…them ain’t wings! Gravity has settled the flight problem here.

Anyhow, double kudos to the mainstream press for finally getting off their collective cheeks to actually follow-up on a story for a change. I mean, any John that’s got a wad to blow the size of Eliot’s, to the lay of five gees an hour, has surely got more happenin’ than some Brooklyn B-Babe singer wannabe with a MySpace spaz like wutz-her-name from way back last week.

Mrs. Eliot Spitzer was…(to be continued).

~ Anemi

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