April 1, 2008

“Demented or Determined?”

The Peace Corps, asked this very question of “Miss” Lillian Carter when she decided to become a Peace Corps volunteer at the age of 68.

My theory is that her “service” was part of a grander “left wing conspiracy,” hatched many years ago by then diabolical Democratic Party operatives interested in feathering their own political nests at this very time in our lives. Think about it. Barack Obama’s father is Kenyan, you know, and Barack would have been a bitty baby at the time “Miss Lillian” joined the Corps., and she could have snatched the baby from a third world village and raised it in obscurity on a Georgia peanut farm, and so…

OK, the preceding is pure Anemi drivel, partly because it is April Fool’s day, and partly because I am getting a bit tired of peeps pulling out the “race card” as some form of safety net whenever things aren’t quite working out to their convenience. This goes for all people guilty of this lame fall-back, regardless of color, and for me – enuff said. It really would not surprise me to see the Clintonistas run with this notion – I guess we’ve seen worse, and surely more will follow.

Anyhow, I am giving some consideration to joining the Peace Corps, and got distracted (one of my better traits) by some historical stuff on their site, and this Lillian Carter info popped up. Born Bessie Lillian Gordy, better known as “Miss Lillian,” mother to U.S. President Jimmy Carter, did join the Peace Corps in 1966 when she was 68 years old. Barack Obama was born in 1961, so the picture above – well, it’s close enough, heY!

When Lillian Carter was making her decision, the Corps asked her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. She was asked to explain why a well-off Southern widow, whose son was running for Governor of Georgia, was volunteering to serve dark-skinned people in stifling heat.

In her own words, Miss Lillian was just taking the Corps advertising campaign at face value—”age is no barrier.” Had she been 40 years younger, she would have been labeled a social activist. No one would have questioned her motives.

The results of the psychiatric evaluation were straightforward enough, and the Doctors said “Miss Lillian” was exorcising her demons of white guilt over Southern race relations. Nevertheless, she was sent to New Delhi, India and then on to a colony about 30 miles outside of Bombay, where she worked as a family planner and nurse in the local clinic for the next two years.

Following her tour, “Miss Lillian” often said her experience was worth 1000 times it’s weight in gold. However, this is from the same woman who said; “If I had known how my children were going to turn out, I would have remained a virgin.” As for me, well, OK then, Lillian. I’m off for a little more… “distraction,” heY!

~ X anemi

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