You’re Evicted!

April 4, 2008

“If misery loves company, misery has company enough.”
~ Henry David Thoreau


Ain’t it the truth, Thoreau. Remember when Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump got into their glam-slam-fest, with Rosie calling The Donald, “nothing more than a snake-oil salesman,” and Himself confusing us with legal jargon, “Rosie’s a loser. A real loser. I look forward to taking lots of money from my nice fat little Rosie.”

Hopefully, that fatuity is not clogging a court calendar someplace, but I could not help but notice my email in-box crammed with Trump spam pitching the latest course offering from Trump University – “Fast Track to Foreclosure Investing.” It’s bad. Really bad, and goes on to read:

The Time is Now to Profit from Foreclosure! A “Perfect Storm” of events has made investing in foreclosure properties better than ever – and now’s the time for you to profit…

WITH A SUB-PRIME LENDING CRISIS, Balloon payments coming to term, borrowers losing equity in high-value homes, and a home market turned upside down by recent events, there are right now literally thousands of under-valued properties–many in your area–ready to be purchased far below market value and sold high…

Ugh. I don’t want to fall prey to being called a “loser” by saying Donald Trump is a “snake-oil salesman,” so my advice is – go for it! I mean, if you’ve got kids bound for college, and want them to have a Wharton degree to write and sell just like Donald here, this might be the, “nice fat little Rosie” you’ve been looking for, hey!

Naive, I’m not. I realize opportunists have been exploiting the misery of others since long before Jesus wept, but, well, I’ll just leave it by saying, Donald Trump is not moving up any faster on my cocktail party guest list.

Anyhow, click that link above, or here, and take your pick of Trump University seminar locations in curiously, non-Trump branded motels and resorts across America, from San Diego to Hartford, and attend for free (I think). You’ll need to enroll on-line, which gets you a (I think) free DVD, and guaranteed Trump spam for life.

What is truly amazing to me, is that all this is coming from the same Donald that felt the need to create Trump Mortgage way back in April, 2006 and told us “Trump Mortgage is going to take better care of people than anyone in the mortgage industry ever has.” The company’s president, E. J. Ridings, of course, agreed, adding, “The housing boom has attracted a variety of people into this business, not all of them honest, I really believe that the public needs and wants a safe place to get a mortgage.” Ridings was subsequently evicted from the firm in humiliation for falsely documenting his employment with his, say, “sub-prime,” dis-honest resume. Trump Mortgage itself imploded this past summer with less than two years loan “seasoning.”

You know, if you are in a, not so long ago bankrupt, Trump Casino, it’s a safe bet to take that a former Trump Mortgage employee is now facing foreclosure, or is saving his miserable roof by teaching this brand of disaster capitalism at a seminar slithering near you soon! I wonder if Rosie is free for drinks this evening?

~ Anemic Royalty


  1. Hey Anemi- i’d rather party with Rosie than the ultra-slimy Donald any day!!

    xo george

  2. Great read. I think I’ll subscribe to this as it has some good info! Thanks. I do apppreciate the blog 🙂

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