It’s Not Surprising…

April 15, 2008

”It’s not surprising… they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them…”

Religion is a bulwark, a foundation when other things aren’t going well. That’s true in my own life.”

~ Senator Barack Obama – “The Bitter Speech,” San Fransisco, CA, 13 April, 2008.

First, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright thing didn’t work out so good, and now – the speech – another religious Obama-bomba. So, it should surprise nobody that Barack Obama would try to put some new clothes on the bitter beast by naming his “National Catholic Advisory Committee.”

“The Nomination Process Works In Mysterious Ways…”

I have no clue what role these esteemed people are supposed to play, but do note, according to the just published Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, Catholics make up a whopping 24% of Americans over the (voting) age of 18. What a divine coincidence!

Since “things aren’t going well,” here is the “foundation” Obama is “clinging” to as advisors in all issues Catholic, I suppose:

The Obama Catholic Kitchen Cabinet:

National Co-Chairs –

Senator Bob Casey;

Representative Patrick Murphy (PA-08);

Former Congressman Tim Roemer, President of the Center for National Policy;

Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas;

Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia;

Tom Chabolla, Assistant to the President, Service Employees International Union;

Victoria Reggie Kennedy, President, Common Sense About Kids and Guns;

Sr. Jamie Phelps, O.P., Professor of Theology, Xavier University;

Sr. Catherine Pinkerton, Congregation of St. Joseph.

National Steering Committee –

Mary Jo Bane, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School;

Nicholas P. Cafardi, Catholic Author and Scholar, Pittsburgh, PA;

Lisa Cahill, Professor of Theology, Boston College;

M. Shawn Copeland, Associate Professor of Theology, Boston College;

Ron Cruz, Leadership Development Consultant, Burke, VA;

Sharon Daly, Social Justice Advocate, Knoxville, MD;

Richard Gaillardetz, Murray/Bacik Professor of Catholic Studies, University of Toledo;

Grant Gallicho, Associate Editor, Commonweal Magazine;

Sr. Margaret Gannon, IHM, Scranton, PA;

Don Guter, Judge Advocate General of the Navy (2000-2002); Rear Admiral, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Pittsburgh, PA;

Cathleen Kaveny, Professor of Law and Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame;

Jim Kesteloot, President and Executive Director, Chicago Lighthouse;

Vincent Miller, Associate Professor of Theology, Georgetown University.

~ Anemic Royalty

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  1. Talk about “appealing to the masses” lol.

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