Anemic Royalty on Anemic “Royalty”

April 21, 2008

Truth or Dare Paparazzi

You know the economy is bad when nothing, and I mean NOTHING is going on in Hollywood worthy of reporting. What to do when you need a story, and can’t even find a Yorkie to kick down Rodeo Drive? Hmm. GOT IT! What say we check in with Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Frederic, and catch a glow of what he’s been  up to, what fun, heY!

But first, up for a bit of sport? How about a multiple choice quiz, I’ll call it Truth or Dare Paparazzi, where you, are the Photog, and your mission is to get a pic of Zsa Zsa Gabor. (Told you things were slow). As with anything worth doing, this is not going to be easy, and there is a “price” to be paid. So, to get the winning shot, which are you more willing to endure?

a)     Getting a rep for hanging around Beverly Hills street corners and snapping pics of old people.

b)     Getting a fat lip from an old person who thinks he’s a younger man and an old monarch for hanging around Beverly Hills street corners and snapping pics of old people.

c)     Wasting three years by suing an old person who thinks he’s a younger man and an old monarch for giving you a fat lip for hanging around Beverly Hills street corners and snapping pics of old people.

d)     Gah, I dunno, all of the above.

I know, tough choices, but, this is Hollywood, land of “Greed is Good,” so take answer “d”, be safe and go for it all.

This is exactly what photographer Dirk Smeten, age unknown, did, saying he worried he would be killed when Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband slugged him in the face three years ago on a Beverly Hills street corner.

In his legal complaint, Dirk claimed Frederic von “Ask Him” (Gabor’s husband) aged apx. 75, was  in the vicinity and began punching him about the lips while Smeten photographed him and/or Zsa Zsa Gabor, aged apx. 92, in May 2005. According to the complaint, the blow(s) caused Smeten to fall down in suffering with lip lacerations, cuts to his face, swelling, pain, high blood pressure, headaches and stress symptoms, to which Smeten continues to this day to get psychiatric care.

Herr von “All Sprechen” said he initially wanted to give Smeten about twenty large for busting on his chops, but Smeten opted for the long court road home in search of $137,000. On Friday, the court awarded Dirk $4,510, about right I’d say, after three years of negative economic adjustments.

A search for Smeten for comment turned out to be fruitless, however, von “Au Lait” was sited in West Hollywood savoring a Starbucks and sucking a stogie, and graciously consented to the following interview:

(Click pic for interview after the jump in new browser window or copy to http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1509417576)



  1. I have seen the video. He said he doesn’t support gay’s rights.

  2. That’s me again. I would like to say hope that Frederic doesn’t show up front of the medias (for example like TMZ) again. Hope it will stop. He doesn’t have nice manner and he does tell all kind of lies. He loved the media attention. He is a “faked” prince. He does have some legal trouble and he has been watch. He will be continue going to the Starbucks Coffee Shop and smoke his cigar every day. I know he is not 58 years old he is about 75 years old. I wish he had kept his mouth shut about telling all these affair front of the TMZ’s camera last week while the trial was going on. He said his wife has affair with all these men in her past-this is old news. She is at the age of in her 90’s.

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