McCain Swallows Pennsylvania

April 23, 2008


Someday former President Bush brought the post victory party nosh.

PHILLY: We will not spend a bunch of time on this, as you aren’t going to either. The final results are in from last night’s Republican primary in Pennsylvania, and presumptive Republican John McCain, Senator from out west won in the Presidential race. Also rans and Republicans, ditto, losers, were Ron Paul who got shy about 16% of the votes and Mike Huckabee with a tad bit over 11%. McCain got the rest, and there were almost 762,000 votes chadded, so, you can do the math. There were 74 Republican delegates up for grabs, and because Pennsylvania is a “winner-grabs-all” state, that means McCain.

When McCain was declared the winner in Pennsylvania, campaign workers celebrated the victory with a pizza. See above.

Over in Scranton, PA, where some other people were also eating, Barack Obama, The Democrat wannabe answer to what John McCain is, was asked a question, now forever to be known as “the waffle question,” (partly because as everybody knows, answering a question with a question is called “waffling,” which is a close cousin to, but not quite the same as a “flip-flop.”) and answered; “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?”

We had to go, but heard that Obama did indeed eat.



  1. Just more proof that, unlike Anemi, it ain’t easy running for Pres. You’ve gotta eat lots of pizzas, flocks of unappetizing chicken, and you can’t even enjoy the occasional waffle!!

  2. May God continue to bless you as you continue to provide quality and informative substance to your posts. God Bless – Rev. Jim Wilson

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