July 14, 2008


Take your camel to bed!

Is it me sweating the small stuff or does anybody else out there in workout land have a problem when it comes to trying to get a sip of water? Every gym I’ve ever been to, regardless of size, has only one, or maybe two “free” water fountains, probably required by the department of health, and always purposely hidden, I suppose to get you to pay for the bottled version. I’ve never bought a bottle of water, and hope to never have to. Anyhow, the fountains are not hidden well enough, in that whenever I really need a drink, there is always a premier-nite sized line of “gym dromedary’s” filling up bottomless “urns,” ostensibly to survive the rigors of their 30 minute stretch or fake cell calls. Honestly, some of these home vats hold enough H2O to satiate and meet the hygiene requirements of one’s entire apartment building and/or village. As if this is not bad enough, what’s up with the designer water wannabes who bring expensive labeled empties for re-fill with, le gasp, gym tap water!?! Heck, half of this crowd didn’t buy the bottle when full, preferring to “re-cycle” the gym trash bin for pace-setter plastic. Forget about the oil crisis. There is a large populous out there that has no problem in having their bank account debited for expensive monthly gym dues, yet cannot afford to run their own water spigots at home. Be frightened, folks, very frightened. Yeah, OK, I’m done.


One comment

  1. Ummmm, is there a difference between whining and this type of moaning (of course i don’t mean that other kind of moaning)??? Just wondering your Magnificence :).

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