Ed McMahon – Off My Guest List

July 19, 2008


Planning a dinner party, and want to be certain you’re including only the best of guests? “Miss Mannerisms” up there has some sage spiced advice worthy of note.

Consider this. Everybody knows about Ed McMahon’s foreclosure probs with his Studio City, California crib, and billionaire host Robert Day probably wishes he had “covered his dish” before entertaining the notion of entertaining Ed.

Ed McMahon filed suit today in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming he tumbled at Day’s home on the “unsafe entry stairs” one evening in March, 2007 rendering the 85 year old “live laugh track” unable to work, so naturally, unable to pay his mortgage. “Yeah, that’s it!” Oh, what people won’t do when faced with responsibility. I can see the grin on the Process Server’s face handing the court complaint papers to Mr. Day whilst saying, “Here’s…the law suit!”


Ed’s been trying to dump his house for over two years now, and just like every other Johnny in this market – no takers. Polite Realtors call this “situational bias,” but, let me tell you something. That house has been a printing press of cash for Ed. In 2003, he settled a suit out of court for $7.2 million against his plumber for “water damage,” which invited mold spores to the mansion, preventing him from working, got the wife sick, killed the beloved McMahon dog, and destroyed his “priceless” and “irreplaceable” career memorabilia.

Now, the slick dude in the video up there wants to do Ed and everybody a “favor” by picking up his defaulted note for a “song,” flip it back over to Ed with a slight “haircut,” saving/making Ed millions more…and where is the law firm of “Doowee, Cheetam, and Howe?” Son of a…

Honestly, I’ve learned my lesson. If you are wondering why I haven’t had you over lately to break bread, look no further than your credit score. Unless you’ve got an 850 + FICO, whine all you want, you’re not getting an invitation.

Speaking of song and dance, worthless memorabilia above from my collection, which I will gladly give back to Ed to ease our mutual “pain and suffering.” This is a 1960 something LP of Ed’s vocal “abilities,” for Philadelphia’s Cameo-Parkway label. “Priceless,” is Ed’s rendition thereon of “Georgy Girl.” Just don’t foreclose on my waterboard…please!



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