July 26, 2008


Anyhow, I’m over at Amazon.com on on a book buying bender, as I am oft to do, (not – I usually borrow or steal) and I bump into A Dick by Fiona Giles, digester of fifty penis-envy anecdotes like; “what would you do if you had one?” as told by all types of “in-the-know” women folk.

"What's a Dick for? ...Exactly, I say!"

"What's a Dick for? ...Exactly, I say!"

At $25, Dick was out of my reach in hard back, and I was still not stimulated at $19 for the soft covered Dick. Amazon is good though, and reminded me that I could get Dick, wrapped as a gift for no additional charge. Still, I did not bite on Dick. Goading my sense of loss, I was informed used Dick’s were available starting unbelievably small at only $.03 a unit, and I guess at this price, a Dick that has only been had for a day might be a worthy summer pass time. The pre-owned condition notwithstanding, I whipped-out my credit card and popped, and if you wish, I’ll loan you my Dick when done.

~ X anemi

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