August 3, 2008


Its an old American thing. Back when they had money, they put famous dead presidents on their bills.

"Oh. It's an old American thing. Back when they had money, they put pics of dead presidents on their bills."

“The Stovepipe. Hmm, I’m not sure. Somebody really should poll the hoodie wearing community and take their pulse on this.”

Was there a racial dimension to what Barack Obama said in his speech last week in Missouri? You know, the part about how he doesn’t look like the people on dollar bills.

Obama’s senior campaign person; Robert Gibbs says no. Obama says yes. Voters say; “Dunno, what’s a dollar bill look like?”

Seriously, does anybody really care? “Rome” is burning, “Nero” Bush fiddles, Congress adjourns for a long, paid, summer holiday, and come November, if there are any voters left standing, unless they walk, beats me how they are going to get to the polls.

Other than acknowledge there are serious problems facing America, neither Barack Obama nor John McCain have offered anything substantive to say. Is there any wonder why the public interest in Britney Spears and Paris Hilton? I mean, whatever it is that they do, at least they’ve got homes, food, and lots of gas money. Maybe, “Enquiring Minds,” want to know; “what’s their secret?”

Phil Gramm got it wrong! Americans are not “whiners,” we’re just dead – broke! If ever there was a time for a White or Black Knight, and if that’s racist, bring him/her on, I’ll vote for it.



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