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4/2 From our letter-box, “I cannot keep them straight, Prinz Frederic was adopted by whom…”


Prinzessin Joachim von Preussen mit ihrem Söhnchen Prinz Karl Franz Joseph

Prinz Frederic was adopted in 1980 by Marie Auguste Anhalt (Name for simplicity). Marie was born in 1898 and died in 1983. She was firstly married on 11 March, 1916 to Prince Joachim Franz Humbert of Prussia – born 17 December, 1890, died 18 July, 1920 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Potsdam, Germany. Joachim was depressed over his failing marriage with Marie and his father’s (Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany) abdication from the throne. Joachim and Marie bore one child; a son on 15 December, 1916 ~ Prince Karl Franz Josef Wilhelm Frederich Eduard of Prussia (Franz) who died 22 January, 1975 in an automobile accident in Chile, SA. Marie and Karl are pictured above in a photo taken in 1917 in Berlin. (click to enlarge) Marie re-married im 1926 to Johannes-Michael Freiherr von Loen, and divorced in 1935.

Hope this helps ~ Anemi

4/2 From Bonnie Stern & Jason Palmieri on Prinz Frederick’s claim of parentage of Dannielynn Smith:

Bonnie Stern, the sister of Howard K. Stern, who is listed as the father of Smith’s baby on her birth certificate, called von Anhalt’s assertions “nauseating.”

“She didn’t even know him,” Bonnie Stern said.

Ronald Jason Palmieri, longtime attorney for Gabor and von Anhalt, said, “the odds of him ending up to be the parent of this child are remote to none.”

3/30 From our friends in Palm Beach, thank you for the update on Prinz Frederick:


Zsa-Zsa’s wacko husband, the “Prince” has some of us here in stitches because he and his baseball cap look just like a guy we know who always wears a baseball cap to cover up his economy toupee. Today this story appeared in the Palm Beach Post gossip page and it gives you some idea of the likelihood that Prince Frederick von Anhalt is not the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby Dannielynn but someone who wants to gain media attention.

He claims he won a lottery back in 1993 but it turns out that went to someone else. He even lied about the terms of the payment of the lotto he supposedly won.

The recent reemergence on the media scene of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor’s eighth hubby, Prince Frederick von Anhalt, for his contention that he, too, could be Anna Nicole Smith’s baby daddy, reminded locals of the time when the prince, who lived in Wellington, claimed he won the Florida lottery.

In March 1993, von Anhalt, who then lived with Gabor at Palm Beach Polo, told a German newspaper that he was due one-fourth of the $14.4 million Feb. 20 grand prize. He said he was expecting two lottery officials to deliver the first check of his $3.8 million earnings.



  1. Thank you! I didn’t see it on this website about her background. This is interested to me. So, Prince Frederic von Anhalt is not a real prince. Just one more question? How did Prince von Anhalt met his wife actress Zsa Zsa Gabor before they were married? How old is von Anhalt? Zsa Zsa is 90 years old. Zsa Zsa is not my favorite actress-but her late sister, Eva Gabor is my favorite because she was on “Green Acres”. What does von Anhalt does for a living? He always like to talk about suing people and he is suing Bill O’Reilly and Fox News Network. And I don’t know why. von Anhalt always to bragging about himself being a “prince”. I feel sorry for Zsa Zsa.
    Anemi sEz: Frederic is a NAP (not a prince). Next, fled Deutschland banged on her door with roses for 10 days then married, Next, 68, Next, only outdone by Mrs. Ziffel, Next, NAP nothing, Next, he is suing me too, why? NAP, Next, you are not alone. Thank you!:-)

  2. Who is Mrs. Ziffel? Are you talking about Zsa Zsa? Did Frederic von Anhalt was vacationed in California when met Zsa Zsa or introduced by a friend? Was he is living in California before he left Germany? I just can’t believe he had affair with Ann Nicole for 10 years and they must had kept a secret. Anna Nicole like rich men. Zsa Zsa is old, have not been well at all and is 90 years old. Did he passed the lie detector test- I heard that von Anhalt passed the test. He said he still love Zsa Zsa and he enjoyed having affair with Anna Nicole. He is a “European”. Why is NAP suing you for? Has von Anhalt read your Anemic Royalty site? I enjoyed reading your website and it is fun.
    Arnold’s mother. Next-no, Green Acres. Next, no, ran out of funds & friends in Deutschland, moved to LA to be a Beverly Hillbilly, upon arrival, spot taken by Sir Jethro Bodine. Next, no, see last. Next-never met Anna Nicole. Next, he hired the test, so he got an A+. Next-not European, is Eurotrash, neighboring continent, sometimes confused by map. Next-because I am not funny. Next, no. regal Subjects do his reading. Next-
    Du bist sehr süß. wurdest du magst zu den Filmen mit gehen oder der etwas? Ciao bella.

  3. I have one more question? Then I will stop sending the email for now. In German “Du bist sehr sub. wurdest du magst zu den Filmen mit gehen oder der etwas? Ciao bella in English means?
    Anemi didn’t sez: look it up 😉

  4. zsa zsa and frederic met when he paid a photographer $5000 to meet her. then the photographer and frederic met her at a ranch then she invited them to a dinner party and so on…. it explains everything in her book One Lifetime Is Not Enough. Anemi seZ: nice story, but untrue. don’t believe books, some are written for a reason!

  5. yeah it is… how did she meet him them????…

  6. I haven’t read Zsa Zsa’s book “One Lifetime Is Not Enough”. My mother has read it and told me about her book; she said some of her story were untrue. I have read “Zsa Zsa Gabor : My Story” by Gerold Frank. It is interesting. I remembered Frederic told Greta from On the Record on FOX News Network (Greta took a tour of Zsa Zsa’s Bel Air home) last spring that he came to LA and met the photographer to paid $5000 to meet her. He met her on Melrose St. in LA where she was dining out for lunch with some friends. She invited him at her Bel Air’s home the next day. I am going by what he said. Her Bel Air’s home is beautiful and I just loved the outdoor patio and swimming pool.

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