June 23, 2008

“Take A Chance On Me…”

Sneaky Republicans, always up to somehing! One thing about their lot though, is they drop you little clues, one drip at a time. Like, catch a glow of this: John McCain – a man in his seventies, a fan of the seventies rock group ABBA, his wife looks like Carol Brady of the seventies TV show; “The Brady Bunch.” I’m sure there’s more, and whilst I’m not there yet, I will figure out what evil lurks!

~ X anemi

One comment

  1. Well, if you ask me, his wife looks a lot like those polygamous wives in Texas who’ve been on the news. Sure her clothes are way more expensive, but they’re just as unstylish, and her blank, no-affect facial expressions are just as scary as those women’s.

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