The View Taped

September 13, 2007


Just a pic for a contest called; “Duct Tape People.” (duh) This won’t win, but I said I would play, and couldn’t think of much of anything to do cause I’m really not up to snuff on all the celebs, so here you go. I’ve never seen this show, but I know Rosie O’Donnell got kicked-off or whatever and Whoppi Goldberg took her place and I understand the new show is struggling with the fans, and go figure that. I also know big mouth Rosie has this new book out, un-flattering to the other big mouth Barbara Walters, sooooo, the idea here is to redo the old show with the same old faces, only this time, employ duct tape to eliminate the cat fights. Hmmm, still doubtful I would watch, but would probably tune in once to see the tape job. Fun, huh? Pffttt, heY!


~ X anemi

ABC TV – “THE VIEW” Starring: Joy Behar, Rosie O’Donnell, Barbara Walters, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck


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