Rooms With A Pew!

October 22, 2007


The new Trump Ocean Resort in Baja, Mexico, just a rock-skip from San Diego, California, according to the sales site suggests it is, “Situated on 17 acres of pristine land, overlooking the Pacific and the Coronado Islands, Trump Ocean Resort is North Baja ‘s first condo/hotel luxury resort. All suites enjoy breathtaking, unobstructed ocean views with a focus on indoor/outdoor living.”

As to the “outdoor living,” what they fail to mention is that the uber-pricey condo complex is situated a scant few hundred feet from the romantic sounding, “Punta Bandera,” the foul smelling state-run sewage treatment plant for Tijuana, Mexico, just a spit to the North, bordering Mexico with the United States. It gets worse. A leisurely mile and a half stroll down the beach will land you where the plant discharges into Los Buenos Creek flowing unimpeded into the Pacific Ocean and right back up the shore to, you guessed it, the “bueno beach of your new condo bungalow.” Maybe this place should be renamed, “Le Sewer dur Sur,” or something, “Le Pew!”


The discharge into the creek sends a sediment-laden stream with whitish bubbles down to the beach and into the surf at the rate of about 30 million gallons a day! It’s actually a cocktail of 25 million gallons of treated effluent and more than 5 million untreated, blended together and mixed with chlorine to hopefully kill the bacteria. Tijuana claims one of the “better” waste-water systems in Mexico, where only 36 percent of collected sewage receives treatment. Don’t drink (or swim) in the water? Don’t worry!


With units starting in the $500,000’s and going up to, well, if you have to ask – this is a Trump development, don’t ‘ya just love waking up with a little morning salt spray in the face with your guava-mango juice! Pass the apple butter, please.



~ Michael Daimler, for…



  1. so has trump broke ground on the smelly pig yet

  2. […] “Tijuana treasure” situated adjacent to a toxic sewage plant last October in our post; Rooms With a Pew! This project is turning out to be a task too tall for tycoon Trump, who boasts of resort condo […]

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