August 31, 2007

MY LIFE AS A HARE KRISHNA…was very short, hence, so is this story.  I know next to nothing about the Hare Krishna’s and it’s not looking so good that I ever will, which is maybe OK, idk, heY! So, I get this email from somebody I do not know with a name that I am certain I cannot spell or pronounce because it conjures no mental picture for me, and it is quite nice in tone inviting me to join a newly forming internet social group which was to be like “MySpace for the enlightened,” I think he said. This sounded good to me and it would be most uncommon for me to turn down any invitation or muck things by asking inane questions like; “why me?”…cause I pretty much figure – “why not me?”


I would not pass up a chance to sit and catch rays in this setting – it’s beautiful, heY!

So, I did accept the invitation and emailed back the requested “About Me” stuff and personal photo. Everything was going along just swimmingly fine and I got a thank you email from the inviter and then some more nice welcoming email from other existing members of the group, and then, I got one last email from I guess the group head dood which said, le gasp, something like; “you have been banned, and access is no longer allowed.”


My brother sent me this moovie which I know I will watch very soon, looks fun to me, heY!

So anyhow, I don’t really care that I got kicked out of the group and I mean it just doesn’t phase me one way or the other because I have been kicked out of a bunch of things before and I know I will be again. So, as to the enlightenment the Bagwan, or whoever he was, had originally espoused to me? For the experience of being a Hare Krishna for a little less than twenty-four hours, I guess I am further enlightened to the understanding that anemi is just not for everybody and I could have told the Bagwan this, but you know – he never asked. I’m a big boy, and “why not me” goes in both good and bad directions, that’s all.


Is probably all for the best as I do not have anything in my closet in this color, and I already know Baezkid hates repetitive noises such as chanting and dinging cymbals.


I do like Krishna art with its Eastern influence. Enlightening? Ehrem, not really, more eclectic to me. Blue people, emo fish, ten armed noids, unrequited lovers, pyromaniacs and gallant lippanzaners, heY! what’s not to like?

Love and Peace to everybody, this I do believe, heY!

~ X anemi

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