No Snow Job

October 11, 2007

Look’s like Atlanta is not going to be eating the snow that we told you about a few days ago.


Panamanian Cartel Coca-Combiner? Nope. That’s a lone snow groomer that shot 80 feet of snow across Stone Mountain’s Memorial lawn Tuesday on the first day a project that sought to make 200 tons of snow a day. That’s a bunch of blow, heY!

Stone Mountain Park shut down its snow-making equipment Wednesday, following an avalanche of criticism over plans to use more than a million gallons of water to transform the Memorial Lawn into a winter sledding attraction amid a historic drought.

Park spokeswoman Christine Parker released a statement Wednesday morning saying the park, in conjunction with the Stone Mountain Memorial Association and DeKalb County, “has made the decision to cease snow making for its new winter attraction, Coca-Cola Snow Mountain, effective at 10 a.m.”

Be afraid Evian, be very afraid. The tap is back!


Somebody had to do something with that nifty blow machine thing. Let’s give a Rebel Yell for Atlanta’s Southern Ingenuity, heY!



Do you remember when McDonald’s had those little white plastic coffee stirrer things that they quit giving away because everybody was using them to snort stuff? No? Me neither.

~ X Anemi

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