May 9, 2008

Soooooo, here’s a little story and quizlet to give you cause to know what is important in your life. Ready? Here we go…

A husband and wife live in a house.

The husband works long hours and

his wife often feels neglected.

Every morning when he goes to work,

she crosses the only bridge in the town that spans

the river and goes to see her lover.

Now, this doesn’t happen every day,

but often enough, and she feels guilty about it.

But, she’s lonely.

One day, the husband tells his wife that he’s going on a

business trip and he’ll be gone for the whole weekend.

She begs him not to go because if he does, she knows

she’ll go over the bridge to be with her lover.

She says, “take me with you.” Alas, he says, “no.”

He suspects something is not straight up,

but leaves for the business trip anyhow.

Welp, sure enough, once he’s gone,

she goes over the bridge to her lover’s place.

The husband calls her late at night,

and says he’s coming home early.

She freaks and scrambles to put on her clothes,

and runs to the bridge to return home.

On the bridge, she sees an assassin.

She knows if she crosses the bridge, the assassin will kill her.

The only other way to cross the river is by the ferry.

She goes down to the ferry captain

and says, “I need to cross the river PDQ.”

He says, “the ferry has stopped for the night,

but for fifty pounds, I will take you across the river.”

She has no money, and the captain says,

“That’s your problem!”

So, she runs back to her lover’s place and asks him for the money.

He says, “this is your problem, you deal with it.”

Panicked, she runs back to the bridge.

Despairing, she starts across and sure enough,

the assassin shoots and kills her. (Sad now, sigh).

Soooooooooooooo, Here’s the quiz. Please rank, from 1-5,

with 1 being the most responsible,

and 5 being the least responsible

who is the most responsible for the wife’s death.

The WIFE, the HUSBAND, the LOVER, the CAPTAIN, or THE ASSASSIN? Rank them in order.

Your choices are symbolic, and explain your priorities in life:


Yikes! Have a great weekend, heY!

~ a n e m i

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