Party Like It’s 1999!

March 16, 2007


Holy (click for tune)>>>Sound of Music!

There I was on the century’s cusp all prickly and panicked about societal sobering Y2-K stuff like was the calendar on my Casio capable and would the microwave mesh with the millennium and how our anatomy might go anthropomorphic. Dood, what a commoner. Seems in 1999 the wunderkind knew a bunch better and pow-wowed in London to put an end to the family feud of the Holy Roman Empire Empire. You’ll find those having all the right stuff like Freddy and Zsa Zsa, but dang if I could find Julie Andrews or Christopher Plummer. Don’t miss THE IMPERIAL ORDER AND ASSOCIATION OF THE NOBILITY OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. What, me worry? Auf wiedersehen.



“Everybody Is Up To Something” sm


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