“Slow Moving Sperm”

March 18, 2007


That’s Gross! And I didn’t say it. That was the (or one of the) punchlines from the joke OJ Simpson apparently made when claiming paternity of Anna Nicole’s baby; Dannylynn. Well, nobody laughed, let alone believes OJ.

But what’s up with this fake Prince dood? I mean, here’s the guy who in what, 2000, sued Pfizer, the makers of Viagra claiming the sex aid drug made him impotent. Freddy said then that after taking the infamous blue pills he couldn’t get aroused without them – and it drove his 90(?)-year-old wife to the therapy futon. He said, “At first I took the stuff to increase my desire – now nothing happens at all without Viagra. I have doctors’ testimony which confirms this. Zsa Zsa, poor thing, is completely under it with her nerves and has even had to go to a clinic. After all she also has her needs – which should be satisfied.” Talk about “slow moving.”

But, let’s talk about something really important – like, dood, what’s up with the hat?

“Anemic, Don’t Ya Think?”

~ Anemi




  1. I didn’t know that about him. Watch out or he might sue you too? lol.

  2. I’m shaking in my butt-ugly Bruno Maglis. Take a number. 🙂

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